Chef’s Table – Vendor Spotlight with Secily Clason

Dec 18, 2019 | Venue Spotlight

In the heart of Milwaukee’s Industrial Fifth Ward sits one of the city’s most innovative culinary concepts, the region’s first fully private dining restaurant – The Chef’s Table. Our Front Room team member, Amanda, interviewed Secily to gain insight on what makes Chef’s Table – Chef’s Table!

About Secily

What is your adult beverage of choice? Vodka/Soda or a nice Whiskey/Tequila on the Rocks

What is your junk food of choice/guilty pleasure? Frozen Pizza! It’s the ultimate comfort food after a long event.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it? “Harlequin’s Joey” (after my two dogs/best friends who have recently passed away)

What is your favorite animal (can be a pet or just a type)? Canines & Felines – All shapes and sizes

What was the best trip you ever went on and why? I spent 7 years travelling the United States right after I turned 18. Driving, hitch-hiking, riding freight trains, you name it. It was a long “trip” but I don’t regret a moment of it!

When is your birthday? July 4 (it’s why my middle name is Liberty)

Tell me about your family and friends – what do you like to do together? I go to antique stores, flea markets, and estate sales with my dad and to live theatre with my mom. I like finding odds and ends events around Milwaukee to do with my friends, like Mystery at the Museum, MAM After Dark, trivia nights, etc. Chef David and I go on lots of “adventures” to “pick” old garages/barns, touring iconic Milwaukee businesses (NM, Rockwell, Milwaukee Tool), stopping at many antique stores and writing menus/planning events along the way!

Public Events, Themed Events Anyone Can Sign Up For

Cooking Classes

Big Night Themed Dinners

Showcases & Experiences

Sevices available in-house?

Private Events, Personalized Experiences:
Seated Dinners
Cooking Classes
Cooking Competitions
Wine Tastings
Casual Cocktail Parties
Receptions (Buffets)
Scavenger Hunts
Murder Mysteries
Interactive Stations
Meetings & Retreats

History of Chef’s Table

In 2013, Chef David Magnasco purchased an empty and lofty 10,000 square foot warehouse in the Historic Walker’s Point Neighborhood. The space was designed and renovated into The Chef’s Table, an elegant, yet intimate setting that gives guests the feeling that they are stepping into the Chef’s personal home. The dining room, parlor and open kitchen offer a sophisticated charm that is enhanced by the Chef’s custom design and décor.

The grand table was constructed using reclaimed wood from the 100-year old building’s remodel, and is lit by a chandelier fashioned out of sterling silver utensils. Leaded stained glass windows and wine bottle lighting fixtures embellish this full-service bar. These handcrafted pieces by Chef David are paired with furnishings and ornamental copper kitchenware collected from his antiquing explorations and time spent abroad.

Weddings/Rehearsal Dinners at Chef’s Table

What is the capacity?
62 for seated dinners, 99 for reception-style events, more if we are utilizing the Courtyard

Why are couples drawn to Chef’s Table? What style/type of weddings or couples are the best fit?
Anyone that wants to turn their event into an unforgettable experience.
On a more direct note, many people are drawn to our space because it’s already decorated. They don’t need to spend a lot on flowers or linens and also don’t have to make those types of decisions.

What is a fab feature couples might not know about?
The Facility Fee includes our Courtyard in back, a green-space treasure in Walker’s Point. We also have a Lower Level (including a speakeasy!) which can be rented in addition to the Main Restaurant.

Secily’s Favorites

What is your favorite dish on the menu?
Chef David’s Tagliatelle with Mascarpone Cream Sauce, Peas, Sous Vide Egg, Prosciutto Crisp

What is your favorite thing about weddings at your space?
We have many corporate events that are pretty straight forward seated dinners. I love it when we get weddings, birthday parties, and high-end catered functions because it gives me, as the event planner, a chance to be creative instead of our Culinary Brigade having all the fun!

What is your favorite trend you are seeing for weddings this year?
My favorite thing is also timeless – photo slideshows. Everyone loves watching them, searching for themselves, getting to know the significant other who they are less acquainted with. They can be on loop in the background or as a big presentation, but they are great!
I also think that more and more people are understanding that food is an important element of their event. While the right linen or flower is important, budgeting a bit higher for the food will make just as lasting of an impression.

What Should Couples Know?

What is one thing every bride and groom should know before their wedding?
Write a list of everything you have hated at weddings, everything you’ve loved at weddings, and how you want your guests to feel throughout the experience. It will become a mission statement that you can continually reference as you make big decisions along the way.
Also – eat! With all the emotions and alcohol flowing always make sure to take a moment to provide your body with nutrients so you don’t feel terrible the next day or crash early in the night.

What question do couples forget to ask you that is important?
I’m going to answer this a little differently and say that I think the biggest thing that I always have to remind couples is that it’s that it’s all about them. A lot of time people get caught up in wanting to make sure that everyone who’s attending is accommodated and end up sacrificing things that are important to them. Let’s figure out how to make everything exactly how you imagined it first, then go back and take care of all that other stuff!

Corporate Events at Chef’s Table

What types of corporate events does Chef’s Table host?
All our types of events can be corporate or personal.

What services available?
Creativity. Whether we are catering or having an event in-house, clients get wrapped up in trying to make their event special. I like to ask my clients what their goal or grand scheme is and then we brainstorm about all the different things we can do to make that happen for them.

What are some special packages you offer?
I think the whole restaurant is a special package. It’s a private space with a culinary team and professional staff who’s sole focus is you and your group for the entire night.

What do corporate clients forget to ask but should?
We call them “Interactive Additions.” From a 5 minute knife-sharpening demo, to a cooking competition, to a wine tasting, to an event theme or type of cuisine, it’s going that extra little step to make your event memorable that people love!

Do you do corporate event planning too? If a client doesn’t have an event planner on staff? Or do you suggest hiring a local planner?
We’re a full-service event planning company. I can take care of every detail for a wedding/corporate event or we can just function as a space/caterer. The great part about using us for any event is that this service is included, there’s no need to hire and pay an outside planner!

Check out Chef’s Table’s website to for more information! To see more of our commercial work, check out our portfolio!