Vendor Spotlight – Iron Horse Hotel!

Jul 10, 2019 | Venue Spotlight

It’s hard to find a hotel in Milwaukee with more character than The Iron Horse Hotel. Because of this, we are always happy to shoot there, anything from the getting ready portion of a wedding day to an entire wedding. We had a chance to sit down with catering sales manager Raven O’Hearn to learn more about the Iron Horse and what she loves about it.

The Interview

Adult beverage of choice? wine or Tito’s and club soda
Junk food of choice/guilty pleasure? Pizza, cheese curds

Favorite animal? I love cats! I have two of them
Best trip you ever went on and why? Road trip to New Hampshire, with my kids. We saw Niagara Falls and made a lot of cool memories.

What music makes up your favorite playlist? I love Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, REO Speedwagon. I also love music from the ’80s.
Tell me about your family and friends – what do you like to do together? I like cooking with family and also going to the festivals.

Iron Horse Photo
Iron Horse Photo

What is the history of The Iron Horse Hotel?
The building was built in 1907. Prior to it becoming The Iron Horse Hotel, it was a mattress factory! Since it is such a historical building, you can see cream city brick, original fire doors, and other original features can be spotted throughout the property.

Iron Horse Photo

Why are couples drawn to your space? What type of weddings or couples are the best fit?
This space has a real local Milwaukee feel, with sexy and industrial vibes, and it appeals to a diverse range of guests. We specialize in high-end cozy style weddings for any type of couple!

Iron Horse Photo

What are some fab features couples might not know about?
We have so many nooks and crannies around the building that are great for photo ops! Our Yard has recently been renovated and, as a result, makes a beautiful space for the first look on a summer day. Also, we customize your experience based on your specific desires.

Iron Horse Photo
Iron Horse Photo

What services are available in-house?

We have a private dressing room for bridal parties available, ceremony space, reception space, guest room blocks, one-stop shopping for local vendor recommendations, beautiful guest rooms for a wedding night, rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, post-wedding breakfast options for your guests…pretty much anything you can think of!

Catering – in-house or bring your own?

In-house! I love it all but my favorite by far is the cheese curds! We have the best ones in town! They are a great late-night snack and pair well with a glass of bubbly!

Iron Horse Photo

What is your favorite thing about weddings at your space?
I love the intimacy of working with the smaller events and really getting to know the VIP’s in the group for each wedding. Our entire team here rocks! From the second you pull up to valet and enter the lobby there are smiles for days and warm welcomes from all of our Iron Horse Family no matter which department you come in contact with.

Iron Horse Photo
Iron Horse Photo

What is your favorite trend you are seeing for weddings this year?
I really love all the greens! Eucalyptus, succulents, plants for centerpieces – so earthy! In addition, the donuts that keep popping up are a fun twist! Many of our groups are going traditional and not doing a first look and I LOVE that!

Iron Horse Photo

What is one thing every bride and groom should know before their wedding?
Once the wedding day starts, make sure to look around! Slow down for a second and take it all in. Most importantly, appreciate your blessings while surrounded by those who love you. And, finally, remember nothing goes exactly according to your plan so just go with the flow.

Iron Horse Photo

Before picking a venue, I suggest…
Be willing to compromise on some things when it comes to your venue. You may love the venue, but it may be missing something you think you need. How important is it to you? Here at Iron Horse, we do everything we can to make sure you get everything you want for your wedding day!

To get in touch with the Iron Horse Hotel about your event, please check out their website!

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