Venue Spotlight: The Pfister Wedding Team!

May 3, 2018 | Venue Spotlight

The Pfister Weddings!

The Pfister Hotel, the crown jewel of the Marcus Corporation, is the place where visiting athletes and rock stars come to stay. That should give you some idea of the space The Pfister Hotel occupies on the Milwaukee venue landscape. While the rich history and opulence of this building is the first thing you notice, the experience that the wonderful staff provides is what you will go away talking about.

The Team

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with this fine team for literally hundreds of events and look forward to hundreds more. We were excited to sit down and ask them a wide range of questions to get a unique insight into what makes them so special. There are many fine buildings, but it’s not just a building you are renting when planning a wedding. You are putting your trust in a team to make sure your experience is everything you hope it will be.

Pfister WeddingPfister Wedding

Sydney Waisanen, Market Director of Catering Sales

Favorite Junk Food: sugary candy

Favorite Animal: dogs

Favorite Dish on the Menu: tomato soup

Pfister Wedding

Bailey Johnston, Catering Sales Manager

Favorite Junk Food: french fries with a good dip

Favorite Animal: dogs

Favorite Dish on the Menu: tuna tartare tacos

Pfister Wedding

Maggie Atkinson, Senior Catering Sales Manager

Favorite Junk Food: chips and dip

Favorite Animal: dogs and elephants

Favorite Dish on the Menu: short ribs and artichoke beignets

Pfister Wedding

The Interview

Fun Facts About The Pfister

  • There are a variety of capacities they can accommodate in their different spaces: Imperial Ballroom – 250-300, Grand Ballroom – 500-600, Rouge – 120 Kings Row, and The Hall of Presidents – which is flexible and can be subdivided.
  • Rouge used to be a billiards room and no women were allowed. Times have changed!
  • On more than one occasion, The Pfister has hosted the wedding of the 4th generation of a family.
  • The Pfister’s art collection is the largest private collection of Victorian art in the world. It was in storage when Marcus bought The Pfister. They restored and rehung the art, and the collection is rumored to have appraised at a higher value than the hotel itself.
  • The Pfister is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2018!
  • Couples come from all over the country to host their weddings at the Pfister.
  • Every US President since McKinley has visited The Pfister.

Why are couples are drawn to The Pfister?

  • It is the most traditional formal ballroom in the city.
  • Has a “fairytale look” and is more affordable to host an event then you would imagine.
  • The full-service hotel can serve wedding guests for an entire weekend.
  • The permanence and tangible memory of it being a historic site – you will be able to bring your grandchildren to the place where you got married!

Fab Features

  • Customized experiences
  • A creative chef who can make custom menus
  • Comprehensive event planning services
  •  The whole wedding day can happen in one place
  • No charge for additional required staff  like servers, bartenders, and valet services

“You name it, we have it!” – Sydney


Services Available In-House

  • Catering and beverage
  • Wedding cakes
  • Dance floor, stage, tables, chairs, linens, etc
  • On-site spa and salon
  • Spaces available for after-parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.

Pfister Wedding

Favorite thing about weddings at the Pfister?

Hospitality is first and foremost. You and your guests will be taken care of. It’s a full weekend experience, not just an evening event.

What do couples forget about?

What to do with their gifts and cards! The Pfister staff can handle moving them to a designated hotel room while you enjoy your reception!

Favorite Trends

  • Creative late night snack choices
  • Craft cocktails and beers
  • Personalized everything
  • Natural looking/unstructured florals with lots of greens
  • Millennials are spending money differently, focusing on the overall experience instead of details (entertainment, etc)


Advice to couples before picking a venue?

  • Pick a place that makes you happy, not for someone else.
  • Decide on your top 3 priorities and look for venues that can meet your needs.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with DIY or you want to avoid the stress of booking loads of individual vendors, pick a place that is full-service instead of a stand-alone venue.
  • Asking all the questions can make or break your budget.
  • Find out everything that is included and what is not so you know where else you will need to spend.


The Details

The Pfister is part of the Marcus Corporation and is located at 424 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has two beautiful ballrooms.

  • The Grand Ballroom can hold up to 600 guests
  • The Imperial Ballroom can hold up to 300 guests

Visit their website at

Contact the team by calling 414-390-3802.

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The Beauty

For our team, The Pfister is classic building that we are always happy to find ourselves in. We know we will have an elegant setting and an amazing team making sure everything goes smoothly.

There are numerous locations in The Pfister that are wonderful for the first look, family photos, and photos of the bride and groom. There are also opportunities on the blocks right around The Pfister!


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