Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Pritzlaff

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Pritzlaff Weddings

The Historic Pritzlaff Building has versatile spaces, built-in Milwaukee charm and a team of dynamic creatives who are experts at helping brides and grooms craft their dream wedding.  The Pritzlaff boasts multiple event spaces, making it a perfect choice for your wedding, regardless of the size of your guest list. The building has a ton of character but also can be tailored to the style and personality of each couple. We’ve seen these rooms transformed from gritty industrial shindigs, to beautiful garden soirees to brightly-colored, modern and elegant affairs.

The Team

The team at Pritzlaff is comprised of Cori, Kara and Louis. And they are nothing short than a dream team of coordinators. Their love of their couples is evident in the dedication, time and effort they put into making each wedding unique and stunning.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding












Cori has been leading the Pritzlaff Events team as their Event Director since they opened their doors as an event venue in the Third Ward in 2011.

We sat down with Cori to find out a bit more about her take on Pritzlaff weddings. We hope it helps you get a feel for what working with The Pritzlaff can be like.

The Interview

Why are couples drawn to your space? What style/type of weddings or couples are the best fit?

They have the flexibility of really being modern, vintage or eclectic. There isn’t a style or color that can’t work here. It really is adaptable to whatever the couple has in mind. Also, having the tall ceilings enables us to really create some really strong visual points that perhaps other venues wouldn’t be able to do. I think that’s why couples are drawn to it.  It’s not cookie cutter.

Pritzlaff WeddingPritzlaff Weddingpritzlaff weddingFab feature couples might not know about?

Everything is customized here to a couple’s personalities.

Some couples want to be very simple with the space and and they play off the architecture through decor. Yet others really want to glam it up or push what structurally the space can handle and that takes it into a whole different look. The great extent of our flexibility alone is what a lot of people don’t understand.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding

What services are available in-house?

When couples book with us they will book the raw open space and then they will work with us on all of their rentals: tables, chairs, lounge furniture, any ceiling work.

We’ll sit down with them and work on a floor plan, logistics of the event and their bar needs. All of us who are working here have lots of experience and we can offer that experience through full-on event planning, day-of coordination or just decor coordination. We really understand the three dimensional aspects of our spaces.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff WeddingPritzlaff WeddingPritzlaff Wedding

Catering – in house or bring your own?

We have six caterers that Pritzlaff exclusively works with.

They all know the space. They bring in the equipment they need to for best service and to cook whatever particular menu was chosen. It also gives the guests flexibility for different menu and price range choices.


What important question do couples forget to ask you?

Asking what can be done in the space and understand that everything is a la cart.

There are so many variables with us that it’s just impossible for us to say a per person price right away. I think that’s something that can be frustrating to some of our couples, when to other couples it’s that incredible freedom to be able to really customize their event.

Pritzlaff WeddingPritzlaff Wedding

Favorite trend you are seeing for weddings this year?

We are not about trends. Don’t walk away from other creative avenues. We suggest to couples check out things like:

  • exhibit designs
  • retail designs
  • concert designs
  • interior and exterior design

This will give you more unique and creative ideas than just hopping on Pinterest and searching weddings.

For us there is no trend, it’s more what are you thinking. We’re about creating the space for what is specific to the couple.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding

The Details

Four unique historical warehouse spaces located at 315 North Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Address 325 can host 50 to 300 guests. Includes covered outdoor space.
  • Address 333 can host 100 to 600 guest. Perfect for ceremony & reception.
  • Address 143 can host up to 180 guests seated. Includes covered outdoor space.
  • The Galleria is used for ceremonies, meetings and small parties.

Visit their website at:

Contact the team at by calling 414.433.6088

Don’t forget to follow them on social media!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

The Beauty

For our team, the Pritzlaff is a never ending source of inspiration for beautiful wedding photography and films. The building has built in charm which lays a base for consistently beautiful backdrops.  Who doesn’t love cream city brick, beautiful columns, a vintage clock and antique vault?

But the versatility in the lighting, that’s where the Pritzlaff has our heart. They have big windows that let in natural light. It makes for gorgeous bridal portraits. And each couple can light the room at night to fit their personalities. Each wedding allows us to not only capture the beauty of the event but the decor reflects who the bride and groom are.

The Pritzlaff is also located on the edge of downtown in the Third Ward. So walking distance to iconic Milwaukee landmarks (like the Milwaukee Public Market), Riverwalk and great views of the skyline are hallmarks of Pritzlaff Wedding Photography.

Hanna & Kirk had their wedding ceremony and reception at the Pritzlaff and took advantage of all the beauty this amazing space has to offer. (And a number of other stunning locations around the Pritzlaff, their wedding really was a greatest hits of Milwaukee!) Check out their wedding films!


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