Communicating during COVID-19: Video Messaging & Marketing

Mar 17, 2020 | Video Production

With the recent concerns over coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 illness sweeping the globe, marketers are left with a big question; how do I market my business during this outbreak?

Video Messaging is Key to Communication

Video marketing is essential for you to continue to have reach. Staying top of mind for your client base and prospects will help you to maintain momentum and not find yourself left behind when things return to normal.

How Front Room Can Help You

Here at Front Room, we are responding to the pandemic by making additional video sessions available in our calendar. With simple video mini-sessions starting at $495 and lots of customization options from there.

We are problem solvers at heart and we have skills to help you continue to communicate with your audience, without being in the same room. We are here to help companies maintain messaging, in a safe way that follows recommendations and guidelines for social distancing.

Neil, Founder, Front Room Studios

If you are thinking about taking internal or external communications online, putting together a product demo, or creating a dynamic brand video to share your message now is a great time to secure those resources. 

Don’t be left behind, continue to communicate effectively, even during an outbreak. 

For companies looking for even more, we have expanded options available for photo and video packages, creating a library of content that your team can use to keep messaging strong. Options like branding sessions are a great way to show off personality without an in-person meeting.

Branding photos
On-Location Branding Session

We look forward to helping you continue to communicate your brand and message, even in uncertain times.

We have a limited number of slots we are opening up for those who want to stay ahead of the curve.

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