Milwaukee Product Photographer: Rip & Run!

May 4, 2018 | Video Production | 0 comments

Rip & Run: Startup Product Photography

We love working with entrepreneurs. The dreamers. The planners. The doers. That’s why we were so excited to have the opportunity to work with Rip & Refuel! Showcasing their Rip & Ride and Rip & Run products was such a fun project.

Diana is the visionary behind these products. An avid athlete, she understands the needs of other athletes to achieve their goals. “As a health professional and outdoor enthusiast I know the importance of refueling during endurance rides, runs, hikes, etc. R&R’s easy access to my energy gels allows me to enjoy all my outdoor activities more fully, increasing my performance level at all times.”   -Diana Helmbrecht, inventor/owner

If you are an avid cyclist, this is an amazing find.

Our first challenge was to showcase multiple product lines (the belt for running as well as the bike application). Each has multiple uses and configurations.

At a shoot like this, we work ahead to get a shot list together, but it can sometimes function as a list of somewhat flexible goals.  When we are actually working with the product on set we can come up with the best options to achieve those goals based on the light and angles. For this reason, we often invite the client to have input as the shoot unfolds. That way we can tweak everything on the fly to maximize the look they are going for.


Milwaukee Product PhotographerMilwaukee Product PhotographerMilwaukee Product PhotographerMilwaukee Product PhotographerMilwaukee Product PhotographerMilwaukee Product Photographer


Our second challenge was to create an informational video for their website – showcasing how the product works. We wanted to illustrate the ease that the product operates with and show off how much better performance will be with these innovative accessories.



Check out their products (if you are an athlete, picking one up is a must!) at:

Follow their adventures on Instagram @ripandrefuel


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