Wedding Film: Marissa + Calvin

Aug 14, 2020 | Wedding Film | 0 comments

What a fun, elegant and intimate wedding film we got to make with Marissa + Calvin! This is a very special family. It was an honor to share this day with them and interpret it for them.

After 20 years of focusing on still imagery, we have spent the last four and a half ramping up our video offerings. It’s really fun to take all our wedding knowledge and apply it to this new format. We have always taken an independent approach to our art, following our instincts and finding ways to elevate good to great. We pride ourselves on creating something natural and real.

Taking our stories and making them move was a natural evolution for us. The editing process has been its own art form. It really allows each wedding film to reflect the character of the couple. Through pacing, the music and the words we choose to include, we have myriad ways to put these stories together.

Just like everything we do, this is all about relationships. The one the couple has with each other and the one we forge with them that allows us to capture theirs so accurately.

To see more of our wedding film work, please check out our portfolio.


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