Wedding Rehearsal: Elizabeth & Brad!

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Wedding Rehearsal: Elizabeth & Brad!

It’s n0t often we get to come to the rehearsal and dinner the night before a wedding, but it is always a treat when we do. Not only do we get a preview of exactly how the ceremony will go down (and sometimes even offer our advice and guidance), but we also get a chance to meet all the people closest to the bride and groom. With Elizabeth and Brad, that meant meeting their amazing families and sizable wedding party. There is nothing like sharing an experience with people to establish a wonderfully comfortable relationship.

old st marys wedding rehearsalold st marys wedding rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is the beginning of a wedding weekend and result of months of anticipation. The excitement this close to the wedding is palpable and we love being around that energy and documenting it. There are often stories that come from the rehearsal experience that come up the next day at the wedding.

old st marys wedding rehearsalold st marys wedding rehearsalold st marys wedding rehearsalold st marys wedding rehearsalold st marys wedding rehearsal

This stolen moment between Elizabeth and Brad as they anticipated getting married the next day was so sweet!

hinterland wedding rehearsal

We had an amazing meal at Hinterland in the Third Ward. We found out shortly after this evening that this location had closed. We were grateful to have one more experience there while we still could. Now you will have to go to Green Bay to experience their wonderful food, but it would be worth it!

hinterland wedding rehearsalhinterland wedding rehearsalhinterland wedding rehearsal

Because the guest list at the rehearsal dinner is made up of those closest to the bride and groom, the toasts tend to be a bit more personal and sometimes more emotional. Parents who have been waiting a lifetime to see their kids fall in love and take this step tend to express those feelings of pride and love and it is a really special experience.

hinterland wedding rehearsal hinterland wedding rehearsal

The story of Elizabeth and Brad’s wedding weekend was just beginning. Please take a look at the amazing wedding the Dynamic Events by David Caruso team put together the following day.


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