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Milwaukee Event Photographer: Bartolotta Appreciates Their Employees!

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Bartolotta Appreciates Their Employees! We get a lot of calls for events at Bartolotta properties.  However, it’s not often that Bartolotta calls us looking for a Milwaukee event photographer for themselves. While they are always the ones putting on the party for others, this time they were throwing themselves a party! More specifically, they were throwing a party for their employees. It’s certainly a rare instance when […]

Grain Exchange Wedding: Carly & Taylor!

Grain Exchange Wedding: Carly & Taylor! Carly and Taylor’s Grain Exchange wedding was everything they hoped it would be. The morning was relaxed, the first look emotional, and the sky was clear as a bell for their pictures in the park. All that happened before they even got married! With family traveling from all over, many from the Philadelphia area, it was important to Carly and Taylor to be able […]

Lake Park Bistro Wedding: Katie & Derek!

Lake Park Bistro Wedding: Katie & Derek! Planning a Lake Park Bistro wedding from Washington D.C. was a fun challenge for Katie and Derek. While it’s never easy planning a wedding from the other side of the country, it becomes a great excuse to come home a little more often as you make decisions.  Once they decided on the classic St. Monica’s church and Lake Park Bistro, they also hired Lydia […]

Downtown Kitchen Wedding: Beth & Erik!

Downtown Kitchen Wedding:  Beth & Erik! When Beth and Erik were planning their Downtown Kitchen wedding, they didn’t know everything about what they wanted out of their wedding photography, but they did know it was important to work with someone who got them.  They figured if they put their trust in a professional who understood who they are so they could relax and leave the rest to the artist.  All […]

Dynamic Events and Bartolotta’s Pier Wiscconsin Wedding Photography – Erika & Chris!

Erika and Chris are the rare couple that, without the benefit of meeting them or getting them in front of our cameras prior to their rehearsal , could not have been more at ease with us.   When you’re that good looking, genuine and have the love of your life next you, what’s not to be at ease about?  When you throw in the fact that David Caruso from Dynamic Events […]

Boerner Botanical Garden Wedding Photography – Maggie & Andy

Maggie and Andy could not have chosen a more lovely September afternoon for their wedding.  And that afternoon could not have chosen a lovelier couple to honor.  Surrounded by an enthusiastic throng of friends and family, they had a memorable day chock full of laughter, sprinkled with a few tears and relished by all.  We were honored to be a part of it. Please enjoy this complete story of their […]

Lake Park Bistro Wedding – Annie & David!

Thank goodness for good friends. Annie & David have opposite gym schedules but luckily, they have a mutual friend who works out twice a day! She saw that these two would be perfect for each other and put her persuasive skills to work. After some prodding, Annie & David agreed to go out. And have been living their happily ever after ever since. In another twist of Small-waukee, Annie happens […]

Jenna & Sam – Grain Exchange Wedding Photographer

It had been years since we were a part of a New Year’s Eve wedding (and we had not one, but TWO this year!)  Whenever two joyous occasions collide like a wedding and New Year’s Eve, it is sure to be a fancy, fun affair.  Having Sara and her crew there from Golden Chic put the icing on the cake of this perfect wedding. Sam and Jenna had just such […]