Mary & William’s Elegant American Club Wedding!


Mary and William knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding:  an unforgettable and luxurious experience for a select group of their closest loved ones.  They couldn’t have picked a better location than The American Club, an historic venue known for its service and opulence.  It’s inspiring to see a couple that knows who they are doing it their way, most visibly represented by Mary’s beautiful blue wedding dress, a bold choice for some but a natural conclusion for Mary to draw.

We specialize in capturing those as they are.  Mary and William gave us much to work with and we could not be happier for them.

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Melissa & David’s Downtown Milwaukee Wedding – Reception at Intercon!


Melissa and David really lucked out:  they found each other, they set a date to marry, it was a beautiful day and everyone they love was there to experience it with them.  We were honored to be amongst the attendees, interpreting their story and memorializing it for the ages.  With a blending of cultures and live, there certainly was a lot to tell.

They just experienced their first anniversary and we want to send them our heartfelt congratulations.

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Melanie & Brian’s Wedding Rocks Turner Hall!


Melanie & Brian took Turner Hall and made it their own, not an easy task in a space with so much inherent character.  With choice novels supporting their centerpieces, a flash mob and a rock band of their very own, the rocked a place known for its rocking.  They couldn’t have finished all those DIY details without the help of their friends.  They didn’t even know about the flash mob, thanks to Melanie’s parents rare ability to keep a secret.  And they certainly couldn’t have rocked the already peeling paint off the walls without the killer combination of Sound by Design followed by Brian’s favorite band Legal Immigrants, led by Brian’s old football teammate.

It was a day and night to be remembered for years to come.

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Sammi & Chad’s Awesome Harley Wedding Adventure!


The first time Sammy & Chad descended up on our studio, it was clear they were a Front Room couple in the making.   They have palpable love that brightens a room and makes everyone around them hopeful.   And they find such comfort in each other that, whether there is a camera around or not, they are truly themselves at all times.

They had such a fun day.  Starting with super cool opportunities in The Brewery and the surrounding Pabst neighborhood and wrapping up with a Sound by Design led party at the always photogenic Harley Davidson Museum, it was a fantastic day.

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Maggie & Mike – Old St. Mary’s, St. Joan of Arc Chapel and The Pfister on a Beautiful June Day!


Maggie and Mike struck that rare balance of the ultimate in classy and most raucous of parties.  With institutions as old as the hills in Old St. Mary’s, Marquette’s St. Joan of Arc Chapel and The Pfister, they chose locales that have the same qualities as a good marriage:  a strong foundation, an unflappable structure and the ability to stand the test of time.  Then they mixed in the secret ingredients of great marriages:  lots of love, a heap of humor and a floor-shaking good time.

Thanks for making us a part of your wedding adventure!

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