Gallery Night: Neroli Salon and Spa Featuring Carl’s Work and a Live Fashion Shoot!


If there is anything in Carl’s life that matches his passion for photography, it’s his passion for travel.  Combining the two is nirvana itself for Carl.  We are very proud to announce that Carl will be showing off photographic highlights from his worldly exploits on Gallery night this Friday at Neroli Salon and Spa in the 3rd Ward.  You can preview some of Carl’s personal work here!

In addition to this, the talented stylists at Neroli will be showcasing their creative sides, demonstrating their version of high end fashion styling.  Neil will then be doing a live fashion shoot of the models!

Please come down and show your support for Carl and the personal side of his work and enjoy a peek behind the scenes of a fashion shoot!

Here are the necessary details:

Neroli Salon and Spa

Friday April 25

Gallery hours are 5:00-9:00 p.m., fashion shoot starts at 6:00

327 E. St. Paul AvenueMilwaukee, WI 53202

414 227 2888

For more information about Gallery Night, you can follow this link!

A September Wedding at The Wisconsin Club – Nicole & Nick!


This Wisconsin Club Wedding is the end of one journey and the beginning of another for Nicole & Nick.  After meeting the first day of high school, it took Nicole a year to lock into Nick.  Neither have wanted to let go since.  Through college, two deployments and cross-country jobs, they have always found their way back to each other.  The 200 guests on hand on this beautiful September day could not have been more thrilled about this.

What did they learn through the process of planning their wedding?  ”Always leave more time for things than you think you’ll need and stick to what you want.  Don’t forget the special details that will make your day personal to the two of you.”  In fact, one of the most special details for their day was their choice to forego wedding favors, opting instead to make a large donation to The Fisher House, which helps families of wounded soldiers who need treatment.

We hope you enjoy the rest of their story!

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Amanda & Tony’s Engagement Portrait and Stunning Wisconsin Club Wedding!


As we work to show you all our highlights from 2013, we come upon the story of Amanda and Tony.  This photographic journey takes you through their engagement portrait (which itself spanned all the way from Bay View to the Pritzlaff) through their massive celebration at the Wisconsin Club.

Throughout this timeframe, you are witnessing a couple transition from anticipating their wedding to celebrating it.  In all, this was their take away:  ”Start the planning early!  Relax.  Whatever happens the day of the wedding will happen.  No one will notice and you should be having fun that day no matter what.”

Sage words from a now veteran bride and groom!

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Nicole & Jack’s St. John Military Academy Ceremony and Legend at Brandybrook Wedding Photography!


Nicole and Jack had a wonderful wedding day surrounded by all those that love them most.  It started at The Delafield Hotel, carried on to St. John Military Academy and culminated at the always gorgeous Legend at Brandybrook.  Through this experience, Nicole and Jack learned that when planning a wedding, “be prepared to spend lots of time on preparation!”  Armed with this knowledge, they were able to sit back and enjoy their wedding day knowing all the details were covered.

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Beautiful Wedding at the Madison Masonic Center in July – Jane and Brian


Jane and Brian hoped for and received a memorable gorgeous day for their wedding.  They invited only those that meant the most to them to share in this intimate experience.  Given the freedom to interpret not only their day but all the most precious relationships they have was not only an honor but also a blast!

Enjoy the results!

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