Potawatomi Unveils Beautiful Large Venue Space!


Potawatomi Bingo Casino has seen steady growth over their many years.  As they add on a new hotel and event venue, their stock continues to soar.  Over the past few years they have steered themselves toward a Vegas feel (and away from the bingo hall feel).  This newest addition pushes them further in that direction, reinforcing their classy approach to gaming entertainment and much more.

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Happy 4th of July from the Front Room Family!


It’s hard to believe it’s already July, but now that the sun has come out it’s a little more convincing.  Of course, in Milwaukee we are treated to fireworks fairly regularly throughout the summer.  However, this round of explosions in the sky is specifically reserved for celebrating the independence and freedom we enjoy in our country.  When most of the year politics tends to drive us into different camps, this is a nice time to set all that aside, have a picnic and ooh and aah at the spectacle overhead.

Ronnie & Christine’s Multi-Cultural Wedding at Gesu and Milwaukee Art Museum!


Ronnie and Christine have a huge and vibrant family, circle of friends and love.  With both a Catholic and Indian heritage guiding them, they are surrounded by plenty of wisdom and a ton of tradition.  Throw in Gesu and the Milwaukee Art Museum and you have a photographer’s golden trifecta:  awesome people doing interesting things in beautiful places.

This was a great start to the official wedding season.  Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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Congratulations to Laura and Andy on the Arrival of Chris!


Laura and Andy have been part of the Front Room family for years.  After shooting their wedding in 2006, Laura got in touch with us about doing commercial work for Design Office, which is great because it meant we got to hang out with Laura more often!

Now, we get to know them as parents!  Chris is here and they will forever be changed.  We couldn’t be happier for these lovely people we are certain will be fantastic parents.

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