Laura & Ryan (& Vincent) Begin Their New Family at Milwaukee Art Museum!


Laura & Ryan have an infectious spirit that affects everyone around them.  Maybe that’s what happens when two people are head over heels in love:  they see things from a refreshing perspective and the world can’t help but notice.  The happiness that had washed over his dad was not lost on Vincent, equally adept at working a crowd as well as a dance floor and thrilled to have Laura in his and his dad’s life.  The precious looks he cast their way all day were moving.

Laura & Ryan chose to make this day an intimate and luxurious affair for those lucky enough and truly close enough to the couple to score an invite.  Getting married in Windover Hall at Milwaukee’s Art Museum never fails to stun.  Decking out the cozy cafe directly underneath was a new twist for us that was just perfect for this size crowd.  The room itself echoes the bow of the ship motif of the hall above as well as granting easy access to the lakefront for a breath of fresh air or breathtaking backdrops.

Laura even raced out to dance with some thoroughly entertained onlookers.  Of course, the party goes where the bride goes, so it was temporarily an al fresco dance party.

This was a special event for everyone in attendance, including us.  Many years of happiness, Laura & Ryan!

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Megan & Eyton’s 3rd Ward Wedding at Cuvee!


Megan and Eyton came to us wanting something “different”.  They’d seen plenty of stale wedding photos and needed a story that matched their fresh attitude, relationship and style.  As individuals and as a couple, they are originals, and their entire day, not just their photos, reflected that.  Not many couple’s are as at peace as these two, as demonstrated by the easiness with which they collectively dole out their unique brand of sweet and sarcastic (you can guess which one is which).

They chose The Helen Zelazo Center at UW-M for their ceremony, a performance center donated to the university by Eyton’s grandparents.  What a performance it was!  The tone set by many friends and family members coming up for reading s though out the ceremony, it was punctuated by Eyton’s exaggerated stretching preceding the breaking of the glass.

We made the most of an abandoned, graffitied building and a random garage in a less random alley before embarking on an incredible party of a reception at Cuvee.  The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, but fantastic food was eaten, champagne flutes and chairs alikewere raised in the air, fun was had and art was made.

Many years of happiness for Megan & Eyton!

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Heather & Josh’s Golden Chic Wedding at The Pfister!


We first met Heather’s family at her sister Becca’s wedding three and half years ago.  Coincidentally, that was the night that Heather and Josh’s romance began!  Love was in the air!

It was only logical to celebrate their wedding in the very same location, the Grand Ballroom at The PfisterGolden Chic was back to run the show and make everything perfect.  Perfection was attained!  It was a beautiful June afternoon and a great time was had by all.  We even swung by Marquette’s Olin Hall for photos, which is where Josh went for his Master’s.  Once the party got rolling, awesome DJ and good friend Alan of Accent Entertainment kept it rollicking straight through.

Our only lament is it will be years until their much younger sisters get married!  Thankfully we plan to still be around for the next generation!

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Lindsay & Dan’s Exquisite Lake Park Bistro Brunch Wedding!


Lindsay and Dan had a vision for their wedding that included a few elements:  simple but classy; come as you are; brunch!  They achieved it all on this beautiful June morning at Barolotta’s Lake Park Bistro.  There couldn’t be a better setting for a classy brunch, especially when being serenaded by the jazzy sounds of Mama Digdowns Brass Band.

It was a long road for Lindsay and Dan to get to this idyllic morning including stops in locales as disparate as Costa Rica, Buffalo and Rwanda.  That journey and their luxurious two and half year engagement made the french toast that much sweeter and the croque monsieur that much more savory.

We wish the best of luck to Lindsay and Dan as they continue to follow their winding road.

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David Caruso, President of Dynamic Events, Wins Planner of the Year!


The standard bearer of quality in the event industry, National Association of Catering Executives (NACE), held its national gala and award ceremony this summer in Washington, D.C.  It was, as one would imagine, a stunning event and elegant evening.  It was a chance  for all those usually on the other side of the guest list to do nothing at a party other than and relax.

The evening was not without its drama, as a slew of awards were handed out to the best and brightest planners in the country.  We are proud to report that Milwaukee’s own David Caruso, president and creative director of Dynamic Events, brought home the hardware with three awards:  Best Table Presentation of the Year, Budget greater than $200, Best Wedding of the Year, Budget Greater Than $100,000 and the prestigious Planner of the Year!

We are proud to say we photographed each of the award winning events and are thrilled for David and his whole crew!  Here are some photos to show you what all the hubbub is about! Read more

Mary & William’s Elegant American Club Wedding!


Mary and William knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding:  an unforgettable and luxurious experience for a select group of their closest loved ones.  They couldn’t have picked a better location than The American Club, an historic venue known for its service and opulence.  It’s inspiring to see a couple that knows who they are doing it their way, most visibly represented by Mary’s beautiful blue wedding dress, a bold choice for some but a natural conclusion for Mary to draw.

We specialize in capturing those as they are.  Mary and William gave us much to work with and we could not be happier for them.

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