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Pritzlaff Wedding


311 North Plankinton Avenue

City, State, ZIP

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203


(414) 433-6088


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Pritzlaff Wedding

A Pritzlaff wedding is perfect for the couple that is looking for a unique and raw space close to downtown Milwaukee that can be transformed to their dream space.  The Pritzlaff offers 4 unique warehouse spaces. They can accommodate events from 50 people up to 1200 people. This versatility makes it the perfect spot for weddings of any size. There are also outdoor space options (covered!) and space specifically dedicated to ceremonies.

Hanna & Kirk’s Real Pritzlaff Wedding


Pritzlaff offers some beautiful and unique architectural elements:

-Cream City Brick

-16 foot ceilings

-Timber & Cast Iron Columns

-Historic vault

-Endless options for decor

-Vintage Furniture

Pritzlaff Wedding

A couple ties the knot in the Galleria at their Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding

Real Pritzlaff Wedding Stories:

Chase & Phil

Angela & Kevin

Kim & Nate

Carrie & Casey

Pritzlaff Wedding Venue Space Options

Address 325 can host 50 to 300 guests. Includes covered outdoor space.

Address 333 can host 100 to 600 guest. Perfect for ceremony & reception.

Address 143 can host up to 180 guests seated. Includes covered outdoor space.

The Galleria is used for ceremonies, meetings and small parties.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Bride & groom cuddle at their Pritzlaff wedding reception


Constructed in 1875 and recently renovated, the Pritzlaff has been transformed into a breathtaking example of not only what was, but what can be.

Here, 26,000 square feet of floor space is surrounded by Victorian era arched windows and gritty cream city brick. Above, you’ll find industrial age beamed ceilings curiously supported by carved wood beams.

At the Pritzlaff, they don’t just embrace contradictions, they give them a big hug. Events can range from formal to funky. Ice sculptures peacefully coexist with candle flame, flowers emerge from concrete and steel while echoes of electronica sound just as at home here as a Bach sonata.

Parties. Weddings. Business meetings. Fashion shows. Galas. If these walls could talk… well, let’s just say, there would be some good stories.

The Pritzlaff property is conveniently divided into four separate spaces. Address 325 can host or seat up to 315 guests while address 333 can accommodate up to 600. Newly opened, the 143 address can accommodate 150 seated. Combined, the Pritzlaff can welcome up to 1200. Depending on the size or function of your wedding, you may choose to utilize one room or move your guests between the spaces. Say dinner in one and dancing in the other. Or a ceremony in the Galleria and reception in address 325.


Pritzlaff Wedding

Reception set for a Pritzlaff Wedding in Milwaukee, WI


Pritzlaff Wedding

Bride & groom in the covered outdoor space at their Pritzlaff Wedding


Pritzlaff Wedding

Bride & groom sneak away from their Pritzlaff wedding for a rooftop photo shoot


Versatility. Flow. Energy. Allure.

In the end it’s all about creating a memorable experience. And your Pritzlaff event will be one they won’t soon forget.

Pritzlaff Wedding

Amazing wedding reception at the Pritzlaff


Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding party outside the 143 event space


Pritzlaff Wedding

Reception space set for a Pritzlaff Wedding


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