Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Corinne & John!

Mar 28, 2018 | Amanda | 0 comments

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Corinne & John!

Corinne and John’s stars keep aligning with us and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Their first date was at a MAM After Dark, the monthly party hosted by the Milwaukee Art Museum, back in 2016. We have been doing the photo booth at this event for years. That night, Amanda was running the booth and Corinne and John came through for a memento from their first date. Little did they know that two years later they would select Amanda to be their wedding photographer!

We love being involved in so many different avenues in Milwaukee. It keeps us vital in many people’s minds and enables all kinds of fun experiences with wonderful people. You might think doing a photo booth wouldn’t scratch our artistic itch, but it is really fun to see people on a night out having a blast. It’s also a wonderful way to support the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is a top priority for us.

Milwaukee Engagement PhotographerWhen Amanda started talking to Corinne and John about engagement session ideas, they thought it would be nice to have a bit of balance. A little nature, a little urban. A little casual, a little formal. A little afternoon, a little early evening. With that in mind, they started of casual in the park at South Shore Park. They were able to find some remaining color in the leaves and also work the lake with it’s unique view of the Milwaukee skyline.Milwaukee Engagement PhotographerMilwaukee Engagement PhotographerMilwaukee Engagement Photographer

After making the most of the nature, they made their way downtown to Lakeshore State Park. This transition came with an outfit change and bit more elegant feel to the photos. This location carried them from late afternoon to early evening and completed a really great range of imagery.

Milwaukee Engagement PhotographerMilwaukee Engagement Photographer

It’s amazing how just a slight wardrobe change can completely change the feel of an image. In the photo above, Corinne is wearing John’s coat. This leaves his white shirt uncovered which bounces a lot of the backlight up into their faces, giving them a glow. In the below image, John is wearing his coat and the result is more of a silhouette!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer