Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Davina & David!

Mar 19, 2018 | Amanda

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Davina & David!

Davina and David have taken this wedding planning thing with aplomb! After all, while their wedding is coming up quickly next month, they just booked us last month and still found time for an engagement session and interview film!  It’s pretty astounding and we are thrilled that they are part of the Front Room family. This “last minute” planning is becoming more and more common. Our theory is that couples get engaged and just want to be married rather than waiting a year and half for the right venue on the right date to be available. We love it!

milwaukee engagement photographerBecause they were coming into the studio to shoot an interview film (this is a movie we make of the couple telling their own story), Amanda made the rare decision to start the engagement session within the walls of our space. It was the perfect choice to help Davina and David warm up to the process.

milwaukee engagement photographerFrom there, they all went downtown to finish the shoot in the Hotel Intercontinental Milwaukee, where the wedding will be. There are so many great areas around the Milwaukee Center space and it was great to have a chance to explore them without the limitations of a wedding schedule.

milwaukee engagement photographermilwaukee engagement photographermilwaukee engagement photographer