5 Contemporary Business Headshot Looks

May 5, 2017 | Professional Headshots, Tips & Advice

Get noticed. Get hired.

The results are in and we have the top 5 contemporary business headshot looks for getting noticed! Your headshot is the first way people get to know you as a professional – what is your personality like? What is your brand?

While a shot of you at an event, or out with your friends at the bar or a ball game is great for social media like Facebook, where your personal life is the topic of the page, it just doesn’t work for professional purposes like LinkedIn.

And that snapshot that the HR intern took of you on your first day against the brick wall in the lobby is fine for your ID badge, but does it really say that you put thought and time into the one picture that gives first impressions to potential clients and recruiters alike? Of course not!

A great headshot marks you as a confident, capable and trustworthy professional. It shows that you take yourself and your work seriously – so other people should too.

Here are our 5 favorite looks for headshots in today’s marketplace:


A clean, bright white backdrop is both modern and classic for professional headshots – the perfect blend for a contemporary business headshot!

1. Clean, White & Bright: For a blend of classic and contemporary headshots

This look is multifaceted and can be used across a variety of brands because it is basic, clean, modern and simple. This allows your personality and wardrobe choice to shine. Even with a large team. From bright and bubbly with colorful layers to a serious portrait with a dark suit, this look is versatile and can work to fit your personal brand with ease.


Tami loved the look of a fashion gray backdrop coupled with natural light from our large studio windows for her contemporary business headshot.

 2. Neutral Gray with Natural Light: Perfect for Female Headshots

We love this look because gray looks great with every skin tone. Natural light is soft and well, natural. This looks shows off the real you. Authentically you. No muss, no fuss. Gray also works with a variety of wardrobe options – so it gives you freedom to pick your favorite outfit without worrying that it will clash.


The look of a headshot can also convey warmth, draw you into the subject and showcase their personality.

3. Warmth of Wood: Business headshot with a touch of the personal

Want to show that you have a warm personality? That people will be comfortable with you? We love a warm backdrop with accent light to show just that off. It also is composed to focus in on your face, particularly your eyes, drawing your audience in and making them feel like they know you. One of our most popular looks (and the one we use for our own Front Room headshots at the moment!).


A dark backdrop and warm lighting adds a touch of drama to a professional headshot. It’s a bit different, but we like that.

4. Warmth with a Bit of Drama: Modern headshot, check!

This look is similar to #3 but features a dark gray background instead. It still captures the warmth and personality by making your eyes the focus of the image but has a completely different feel with bringing in the drama of a darker backdrop. A very trendy look that works across a variety of industries. We did this look for Michelle at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Shot on-location for a fundraiser for Pearls for Teen Girls, this eligible bachelor looks young and metropolitan in a textured environment with natural light.

5. On-Location: Professional headshot with gusto!

For those who want something really different for their headshot, we recommend an on-location shoot. You in your environment of choice – whether that is outdoors (in a park or downtown), at your office, or home. This is the only shot on our list that isn’t done in-studio. It’s a bit more of an investment but is well worth it for those who want a customized look that really stands out. The looks are literally endless, based on where we shoot, time of day and the brand you want to convey!


This eligible bachelorette has a soft on-location backdrop that draws you into her personality (and great hair)! We like shots that show off your best features!

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