Personal Branding Images: Sheila Wood!

Jan 15, 2020 | Environmental Portrait Photography

The whole process of creating these personal branding images with Sheila Wood was a really fun departure from normal day to day. Sheila came to us with more of an idea than a clear concept. She is just launching her new journey, which she calls Designing A Life You Want To Lead. It was an interesting challenge to come up with images to represent a journey that’s just beginning.

Given this freedom, we were able to design the shoot to travel all over Milwaukee. There are a couple of reasons this concept was wholly appealing. For us, it gave us the opportunity to take advantage of all this beautiful city has to offer. For Sheila, it really drove home the idea that life can take you anywhere and, wherever it does, you can find the beauty and make it work.

When Sheila first reached out to us about personal branding images, she touched on all that she is doing: the books she’s writing, the RV she’s taking across the country, the two part travel blog she’s developing and the lifestyle coaching. We thought, “How are we going to get all of this into one photo shoot?” But then we met Sheila and we realized that all these disparate projects have one common thread: Sheila’s indefatigable spirit. Rather than trying to represent each project she has going on, we decided to highlight all sides of Sheila.

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