Regulatory Compliance Associates – Produced Shoot

Apr 13, 2018 | Environmental Portrait Photography

Produced Shoot: People at Work and Headshots for RCA

The fun thing about working with companies on updating their imagery is that we are working with people to tell their own story. These are not professional models but a team that works together day in and day out. We worked with the team at RCA to put together a fully produced photo shoot.

A lot of people think that photo shoots like this just come together day-of. But the truth is our team does a lot of planning in advance (internally and with our clients) to ensure the shoot is executed flawlessly once we are on-site.

We always want to make sure that the time of our client’s team is respected and that we get as much quality content possible in the shortest amount of time. Since, of course, business needs to keep happening for them too, despite the fact that there is a photo shoot going on.

Over the course of two days, we had a lot to tackle. Their advertising company was on site and we were working closely with them to generate content for their new website. We wanted to capture the team in a variety of settings and update headshots for the team too.

The team at RCA was phenomenal to work with – not just in the planning phases but on site too. It was even one employee’s first day! She jumped right in, ready to do what she needed to do to make the day a success.

Milwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial Photographer

Wisconsin people at work photography

RCA needed the story to cover a range of time, showing how the workers toil away day (above) to night (below). The problem was, we only had day time hours booked in for the shoot. These shots are actually within an hour of each other. We had to use some of our ingenuity to make the below shot look like it was happening at night.

People at work in an office in Wisconsin, professional photo


After all the action shots were done, we also did headshots on site for the whole crew. It’s always more cost-effective to have us tackle as many types of image needs as your company has on one project. We are adept at pivoting from environmental portraits, to drop-out white headshots to action photos.

Milwaukee Commercial PhotographerMilwaukee Commercial Photographer