Event Photos: Michael Best at Harley!

Jun 4, 2019 | Event Photography | 0 comments

Michael Best knows us best (no pun intended) as headshot photographers but on this night they brought us in for our event photos! We love our long-held professional relationships for many reasons, but being relied upon for these different tasks is definitely one of them. We pride ourselves on having a big enough team to handle any type of job a company needs. Whether it’s headshots, event coverage, video shoots or event crossing over to the personal for weddings and portraits, these are relationships we cherish.

We also bring the same creative approach to everything we do. This was a fun event and we wanted to make sure the event photos reflected that. The Colorado team got to travel to Milwaukee and get introduced to the city and the local team of lawyers. As luck would have it, The Brewers were also playing The Rockies in the playoffs. So there was an added element of playfulness to the evening as everyone was very invested in their own local squad.

The event was hosted at Harley Davidson Museum, which was a perfect way to highlight one of the things that makes Milwaukee so cool.

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