Intimate Newborn Photos in the Home

May 31, 2019 | Newborn | 0 comments

Newborn photos are always an adventure. They require patience and flexibility because you can’t reason with a newborn and when they need to eat, they need to eat. All that being said, newborn photos are some of our favorite photos to make. Little Jack here is a true Front Room baby. We photographed his parents wedding a few years ago. And, just about a month before he was born, we did a maternity portrait!

Newborn photo

Most of our newborn photos are done in the studio. But there is something really special about being in the comfort of the home. Any setting we choose will be emotionally significant and that feeling will only grow with the child.

Newborn photo

We were just about done with everything when Ryan lifted Jack in the air and he made the face you see below. There couldn’t have been a better way to cap this adorable newborn photo shoot.

Newborn photo


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