Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Mott the Hoople and The Suburbs!

Apr 10, 2019 | Event Photography | 0 comments

There are some gigs that remind us how lucky we are to be invited to document them. The Wisconsin Center District called us about photographing the first live American Mott the Hoople performance in 45 years. Eron, our music fiend, was immediately all over that. We have been lucky enough to work with the Wisconsin Center District on a wide variety of events recently (Jawbreaker Festival, Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey,…). This was the next Miller High Life Theater performance in that string.

Mott the Hoople still rocks. They may all be pushing 80, but, far from that being a hindrance, their age motivated them to appreciate this opportunity to still be entertaining all these years later.

We got to photograph real rock stars having real rock star moments. That is something we never get tired of.

The Suburbs, from Minneapolis, sounded perfect.

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