Should We Do A First Look?

May 29, 2018 | Evergreen

Should We Do A First Look?

A First Look is when a couple chooses to see each other before their wedding. It is counter to tradition but an increasingly common option that couples are choosing. Some couples feel very strongly about saving that experience for the moment they are coming down the aisle. For sure, it is an emotional decision and every couple should have whatever experience is right for them.

For some couples, once they fully consider how a First Look could influence their day, it becomes an obvious choice. Here are some reasons why a First Look may be the right choice for you.

First Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingScheduling Benefits

The main reason a First Look is a tempting option is the obvious scheduling benefits. Seeing each other before the ceremony opens the door to finishing the majority of the couple photos, the wedding party photos and the immediate family photos all before the ceremony happens. That means that after the ceremony you can immediately celebrate with your guests and enjoy your cocktail hour. It also means we can photograph those moments and, in most cases, get in the reception room while it’s still pristine to document it.

First Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingAn Intimate and Artistic Moment

The moment you each see each other for the first time on your wedding day is a special one. When it happens during a ceremony, we make the most of the moment. When it happens during the First Look, we can set it up the scenario to be stunning. This moment can be an emotional one. The intersection of art and emotion is what we are always after and the First Look is a perfect opportunity for this elusive combination..

First Look Wedding

First Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingThe Emotional Edge

We have heard from a number of couples over the years that one the main reasons they were happy they did a First Look is that it helped take the emotional edge off of the day. They expressed how relieved they were once they saw each other. It was odd to spend the whole morning without the one person you’re preparing to spend your life with.

After they saw each other, they could breathe normally again and felt so much more at ease. Seeing their intended allowed them to relax for the first time that day and just breathe normally again. Then, when it was time to walk down the aisle, they were much more present and not so emotionally on edge.

First Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingFirst Look WeddingA Moment to Share

Some couple choose to include their families and/or wedding parties in their First Look. Since we are almost always doing family and wedding party photos shortly after the First Look, those important people are generally nearby. It can be really fun to make them a part of the experience and ramp up the celebratory aspect of the moment.

First Look WeddingFirst Look Wedding