Wisconsin Winter is Better with Engagement Sessions!

Jul 1, 2018 | Evergreen

Winter Engagement Sessions!

Wisconsin Winter can be long and cold. But it can warm up quickly with a Wisconsin Winter Engagement Session! These sessions are full of cozy cuddles, beautiful snowfall and lots of love.

There are a number of reasons a couple may consider doing a winter engagement session, even in Wisconsin. Sometimes the timing of the proposal relative to the wedding date makes the choice for couples. Other couple’s don’t live in Wisconsin and will only be back in the winter before their wedding.  There are also a smaller faction that just love snow!

For whatever reason, if you are considering a winter engagement session in Wisconsin, here are some ways we have found to make it successful.

Maximizing The Snow

The dream for any couple scheduling a winter engagement session in Wisconsin is finding themselves in a dreamy, snow globe. To really make that happen, it requires some flexibility from everyone. It basically means the photographer keeping an eye on the weather over the coming weeks and the couple remaining on call for literally the perfect storm. The results can be beautiful and epic, so, for the right couple, this can be an amazing choice.

winter engagement sessionwinter engagement sessionwinter engagement session


There are many benefits to having both indoor and outdoor locations chosen. Even the most die-hard snow lovers need to warm up at some point. Plus, moving from outdoors to indoors gives the session more variety from lighting to backgrounds to wardrobe changes.

There are plenty of wonderful indoor options around town. Some of them require payment and a reservation and it’s always a good idea to call first. However, three is always space for guerilla-style spontaneity if inspiration strikes. It’s always a great idea to think of a place with personal significance.

Sara and Brian, below, had a perfect solution for all of these goals: Harley Davidson Museum. For the price of admission, we were able to feature one of their shared passions, have a great indoor location and the perfect snow falling outdoors!

winter engagement sessionwinter engagement session


Day vs. Night

So far, we’ve only shown you winter engagement sessions at night. That is the most common time for us to shoot them. Winter often looks best at night. It’s when the falling snow is most visible, the city comes aglow and anything slushy falls away into the shadows. However, some couples really want some daylight in their engagement photos. Can we make those look great? Of course!

Karly and Eric started their engagement session in our studio. We then went over to Humboldt Park, right in our Bayview neighborhood. This combination was perfect for them, casual and comfortable with a touch of nature.

winter engagement sessionwinter engagement sessionwinter engagement session

Here are some other favorite images of daytime winter engagement sessions from a variety of locations. Whatever feel you’re going for, with the right guidance and the right photographer you can get something perfect for you.

winter engagement sessionwinter engagement sessionwinter engagement sessionwinter engagement session