Becca, John, Brandon & Cameron – At the Beach!

Aug 19, 2017 | Families

It seems like just yesterday that Becca came to our studio to meet us for the first time. She was pregnant with her first kiddo and was looking for a studio to document their growing family. We can hardly believe how the years have flown by! And how those tiny babies that we once photographed are now the most rambunctious, crazy, smiley, happy and fun little boys ever.

This family has a special place in our hearts. They have become dear friends to us at Front Room. We have watched them become a family. (What an incredible thing to witness! Seriously.) And a day with them at the beach is just one more example of why our job is really the best job ever. For real, we call this work.

family portrait on the beach in Wisconsinwisconsin family portrait at the beachdad and sons at wisconsin beachdad and son skip rocks on lake michigan


We love capturing families as they really are. Because we parents know that in life those moments (you know the neatly buttoned up, smiling at the camera, everyone totally put together) are the rare exception. Not the rule. And certainly not what you think of when you picture what your everyday life is like. We know you sometimes smile, shrug and embrace the insanity. It’s fun. And we love it. Those tiny personalities are everything. If it involves laughter, shouting, getting dirty and romping around, that is what we call a good portrait session.


wisconsin brothers at the beachwisconsin kid portrait at the beachlittle boy playing at the beach in WisconsinWisconsin Mom with her boysWisconsin boy playing tree peek a boo, Wisconsin portrait

Um…okay. Just melt our hearts, right? These two are too adorable.

Wisconsin Brother Love, family portrait