Lindy and Joey – Milwaukee Family Photographer

Jan 10, 2011 | Families

Blog posts always talk about how much fun a family is and rightfully so.  Life is best enjoyed with those that you love.  So when I asked the them to bring some items that make up the family, I was overjoyed with great toys. Seeing the family walk over laughing and mom and day playing just as much as the kids, told the story of how much they love each other.

Everyone needs a little bit of superhero in them.

I learned me lesson quickly that these two were formidable superheros. Their energy outlasted mine, HAHAHA till next time!

every superhero needs their sidekick and snuggle-buddy.

For the record, she can jump that high, well according to her

Family is all about being together.  Being able to see the love so often, makes me feel really lucky.  I get to come home from work excited to play with my family; using my clients as inspiration.