Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Turning Back the Clock!

May 7, 2019 | Families

One of the joys of being a portrait photographer is seeing a one-year-old smash a cake. Usually, they start out tentative and then a light goes off and the go to town. Kase required a little more coaxing, but he was all smiles the whole time and a perfect model. But, this is not just the story of Kase’s cake smash. This story started before Kase or Kaeon were even a glimmer in Catilin and Kevin’s eye. portrait photographer

portrait photographerportrait photographer

We have been documenting Caitlin and Kevin since before their wedding and have never really stopped. They are a fantastic couple with a keen appreciation for art. Caitlin is an art teacher and Kevin, well Kevin loves Caitlin. So it works out wonderfully. We get to see their family a couple of times a year and it is always a treat. Not only are the kids amazingly cute but Caitlin comes armed with bags of supplies to keep all of us on our toes. We thought this was a perfect time to a retrospective on the work we’ve done together. Since their home wasn’t available for a gallery show, we decided a blog post would be the next best option. Please enjoy this walk down memory lane.

Quick Christmas Card Shoot

A couple of times a year we do mini-sessions for charity and they are always a blast. Caitlin, never one to have her fill of photos, signed up!  She thought it was a perfect excuse to get her Christmas card photos out of the way! Even though this was a quick mini-session, it certainly didn’t dissuade Caitlin from working her magic. Caitlin realized her dream when she transformed all her boys (even Gizmo!) into snowmen!

Kase is 6 months

For Kase’s 6 month portrait we started at the home and finished up at the beach. We knew it would be a good idea to get him warmed up in a comfortable place. Also, we love being able to work personal details into the photos.

family photographerIf you haven’t noticed the theme, Kase’s spirit animal is a whale. But we ADORE this sleepy octopus too.

family photographerfamily photographerWe love this giant baby photo. Every time we see it we get a chuckle.

family photographer


The Whole Family

This time Kevin’s mom called us because the entire family was going to be together for a rare moment! So we all met at Lake Park Bistro and made the most of the opportunity. We loved the subtle theme of pops of green that they pulled off.

family photography

One of our favorite aspects of our role as a family photographer is breaking the big group down and getting each individual side of the family. It’s amazing how much we can get done in about an hour.

family photographyfamily photography

family photography

Kase Joins the Clan

At this shoot, we got to welcome Kase to the established family tradition of Front Room portraits. It’s wild to scroll back up to the top of this post and see how much he’s changed in a year. We always get newborn portraits scheduled within a week to 10 days of birth. This maximizes the squishy, wrinkliness of the babe before they grow out of that phase.

family photography

We live for moments like this when Keaon was loving up his new little brother.

family photographyfamily photography

Caitlin’s Final Moments as a Mother of One

It’s hard for Caitlin to think back to a time before Case, which is why it’s so important we did these maternity photos! It is the rare woman that actually feels like having her photo taken at this stage in her pregnancy. But it is such a rare moment in a lifelong relationship between a mother and a child (and an older brother in this case) that it is incredibly special to document.

family photography

Kaeon Turns 1, A Family Tradition Begins

Long before Case was smashing cakes, his big brother Kaeon was diving in. For his one-year-old shoot, we were on location in the home. It was a perfect choice or the first birthday of the first child in the family.

family photography

We love this photo on the front porch, especially with Gizmo making an appearance in the door to see what the excitement was all about.

Kaeon Turns 6 Months Old

The first 6 months of the parenthood is consumed by sleep deprivation, self-doubt, and trying to stem the tide of time as your newborn becomes a baby and triples in size seemingly before your eyes. Luckily, Caitlin and Kevin added “booking a photo shoot” to that list as well. Now they will always remember just where Kaeon was after his first 6 months.

family photographyfamily photographyfamily photography

Kaoen Arrives!

The day Caitlin and Kevin had been anticipating for years finally arrived. Kaeon was born and their family got just a bit bigger. Caitlin, never one to miss a detail, brought along this Hawaiin flower from their honeymoon!

family photographer

Caitlin’s First Baby Bump

There’s nothing more exciting than anticipating your first child. This look Caitlin is giving Kevin perfectly encapsulates that.

family photographer

The only thing standing between these tiny shoes and the tiny feet that will fill them is, well, just the birthing process.

family photographer

The Wedding That Started It All

This photographically fruitful relationship started way back when with Caitlin and Kevin calling us about their Milwaukee Art Museum wedding. Caitlin the art teacher and Kevin the lawyer were an interesting combo. From the get-go, it was clear that the details were her game and pleasing Caitlin was his. They could not be a sweeter couple and their wedding day was a treat to be a part of.

milwaukee wedding photographymilwaukee wedding photographymilwaukee wedding photography

The Engagement Session

Our very first time getting Caitlin and Kevin in front of our cameras was their engagement session. We explored under the Hoan bridge and found industrial options as well as Milwaukee’s tinies park just as the sun was setting.

Milwaukee engagement session

We put Gizmo to the ultimate test: sit on a park bench watching your parents kiss and stay very still. He passed the test with flying colors!

Milwaukee engagement session

To see more of our work as a portrait photographer, please check out our portfolio!