Headshot Photography: Consistency, Cost savings, Convenience

Aug 12, 2020 | Headshot Photography

We find such a range of needs when it comes to our headshot photography. Some clients are individuals who want to update their social media profile image. Others have a small team all come in together to update the public-facing look of the company. Then there’s the Bell Banks of the world. Their recent visit gave us the opportunity to highlight three benefits to working with us for corporate headshots: consistency, cost savings, and convenience.


Bell Bank has a large team that experiences growth throughout every calendar year. As such, when they add new people, they have new headshot needs. However, they need those new headshots to match all the others. When we have clients like this, we work with them to develop the look they prefer. Then we note everything about that look (camera settings, light placement, backdrops, etc…). This way, whenever a new batch of people comes through, their headshots match the rest of the office.

No matter the size of your team or the pace at which it grows, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent looks that will always fit together.

Cost Savings

If you have a consistent need for new headshots, whether through growth or turnover, the other big benefit of a long-term working relationship with a company is more of a bulk rate. There are a couple reasons for this: volume and efficiency. Because Bell Bank continues to send work our way, we were able to work out a discounted rate for them. Also, we were able to work out an arrangement of stacking appointments. The ability to set aside a couple “headshot afternoons” per year is a benefit to both companies.

Every client is different and has different needs. We are always happy to work up a custom arrangement based on those needs.


Lastly, We know how hard it is to work one visit to the studio into the work week. To have to schedule more time to select your image can add to the stress of getting your photos updated. Being aware of this, we now have the option to actually set up live, in-studio viewing! This gives you the ability to select your favorite image in-person during your headshot session. with one afternoon invested, the whole team can have a fresh, updated look to help you put your best professional foot forward.

In summary, we use our headshot photography to serve a large range of corporate clients. Please get in touch to see if we can help you update your look.

Please check out or portfolio to see more of our work!

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Headshot Photography
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