Product Photography: Remote Control

Aug 11, 2020 | Product Photography

As we continue to develop new ways to serve our customers, we have actually come upon one way to serve more customers: remote product photography. After years of happily welcoming art directors into our product shoots, we are now taking that burden off some of our clients. With just a few tele-conferences, emails, and possibly proof shots, we can handle the product photography on our own. Not relying on in-person meetings provides two huge benefits to both us and our clients.


Work smarter not harder, that’s the goal, right? We are taking full advantage of modern conveniences to do just that. Through all the ways we have to communicate and send files instantly, we don’t really need to get together necessarily to hone an idea with a client. We always love having a face-to-face meeting, especially to establish a relationship. But we know everyone has busy lives. If we can eliminate travel for our clients, we accomplish a lot more while using a lot less of their time.

Available and Affordability

Working on remote product photography means that our services can be available to so many more people. Clients just ship us their product and we take it from there. This grows into a well-oiled machine the longer our relationship continues. We get keywords and concepts from our clients and run with it. We have been able to figure out how to bring a great, affordable service easily to more people.

This efficient system not only eliminates distance from being an obstacle, it also allows us to bring the costs, in both man-hours and finances, down for our clients.

To see more of our product photography, please check out our portfolio.

Product Photography
Product Photography