Lidia Speaks on Street Photography!

Apr 12, 2019 | Lidia

We are often asked what kind of photography we each do in our spare time. After we get done cackling about the concept of having “spare time”, we generally come up with some answers. Lidia’s answer, “street photography”, led to a very interesting opportunity for her.

As part of their year-long celebration for their 50th Anniversary, Mike Crivello’s, along with Olympus, is sponsoring some lectures around town. Lidia was invited to share her experiences with street photography to a pretty crowded room. Lidia has done a ton of traveling in her time and has found inspiration in streets all over the world.

If you missed the talk itself, please you can still enjoy the images below and learn a bit more about what drives Lidia in her personal photography.

Our very good friend Troy Freund introduced Lidia to the assembled crowd.
New york street

Lidia has done a ton of traveling over the years. Along the way, she has seen many stunning scenes and some very subtle ones. Because of this experience, she has been able to really develop her eye and attention to detail.

Wisconsin State Fair

Check out our blog to see more of Lidia’s work.