Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: Mary & Sandeep!

Mar 22, 2018 | Mandie

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: Mary & Sandeep!

Mary and Sandeep made the unusual move of booking us as their wedding photographers before they were officially engaged. It worked out really well as all Sandeep had to do was secretly follow up with us to add the proposal to their package. Obviously Mary knew this was coming, but she didn’t know where or when and Sandeep didn’t want to blow the surprise!

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer

Sandeep chose the Milwaukee Art Museum as the perfect location to create this memory. It’s hard to argue with that choice. It is a space that is both majestic and simple, and it’s one of a kind. The moment Sandeep got down on one knee was definitely breath taking. As a photographer, it’s amazing how quickly that moment passes and surprise turns into joy.

Milwaukee Proposal PhotographerSandeep went the extra mile to make this proposal memorable, creating a book highlighting some of his and Mary’s favorite memories together.

Milwaukee Proposal PhotographerOne of the benefits of choosing the Milwaukee Art Museum as a proposal site is you don’t have to go anywhere at all to make beautiful images of the two of you together while you are freshly in that special moment. Mandie had a great time placing this great couple within the great lines of this building. With just a couple of lighting adjustments she had a whole collection of stunning art of Milwaukee’s newest engaged couple!

Milwaukee Proposal PhotographerMilwaukee Proposal PhotographerMilwaukee Proposal Photographer