Marketing Campaign Photography: Goodwill-CEO/Board Chair

Oct 13, 2020 | Marketing Campaign Photography

Our marketing campaign photography has been a strong area of growth for us. There are many reasons that companies trust us with something as important as reflecting their branding. One major component is our consistency. We always deliver. Regardless of circumstances, we make the images you need.

When working with CEO’s and board chairs, the challenging circumstances are often working within the constraints of their very busy schedules. That generally means finding a way to create the necessary images where they are in the small window they have to fit a photo shoot into their over-scheduled day.

Rather than feel frustrated by these circumstances, we take pride in our ability to anticipate and overcome them. Thorough planning is the key. We always have thorough discussions with our clients about every aspect of the shoot. Often, we will scout the location ahead of time to make sure there are no surprises.

It’s these types of best practices and guidance that we provide that ensures success for us and our clients.

This shoot for Goodwill had two very important feature images, each shot on location. You can see how we were able to achieve two completely different looks in the same space. We had this all set up so all these two had to do was leave a meeting and step into each of our sets for a few moments. Then, they were back to work!

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Marketing Campaign Photography