Red Cross – Brave Hearts Promo Photos

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Red Cross – Brave Hearts Promo Photos

Wisconsin - Brave Hearts: Heroes Among Us

One of our favorite aspects of commercial work is how varied it is. We have had the honor of working with Red Cross for years. Each year they present us with a unique challenge in the lead up to their Brave Hearts celebration: pay tribute to an inspiring work of art through photos. Being challenged to push ourselves to achieve a specific look is always very rewarding.

This year it was the above painting that inspired the below series of studio portraits of the newest Brave Hearts honorees. It took some creative innovation to mimic the feel of this painting in photos. We started with a hand-painted backdrop and the iconic red umbrella. Some classic posing and understated lighting added a timeless feel to the images. We completed the look with a customized post-processing look to give it a more painterly feel.

If you’re not familiar, every year The American Red Cross of Southeast Wisconsin presents Brave Hearts, their annual event to recognize individuals who have prevented life-threatening situations from occurring, come to the aid of another, or contributed to the safety of our community through a single act or ongoing activity. The event draws hundreds of corporate and civic leaders, emergency response personnel, and individuals from throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

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