Venue Spotlight: Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Apr 25, 2018 | Milwaukee Venue Photographs

Corporate Events at The Pritzlaff

Finding a venue for a corporate event that can accommodate nearly any size group, has charm and versatility can be tricky. The Historic Pritzlaff Building in Milwaukee’s Third Ward has all of this and more. The space has a ton of built-in Milwaukee character but also can be tailored to fit the theme of any event.

Their amazing team can assist from basic needs on up to full scale event production with overall planning and concepts down to the nitty gritty details that really set events apart.

The Team

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Cori, Kara and Louis are a dream team of coordinators that have years of experience working with both seasoned event professionals and those who are brand new to planning events, meetings and parties.

Cori leads the team. She has been the Event Director at The Pritzlaff since they opened their doors in 2011. Her background in the creative arts gives her a unique perspective on crafting events that stand out.

Pritzlaff Corporate EventsPritzlaff Corporate Events











We took a moment to interview Cori about her thoughts on being at this wonderful space and working in the event industry in general. Please take a look at these images and her musings to really get a feel for what working with The Pritzlaff can be like.


The Interview

What do you love about corporate events?

They are very open to the possibilities of how much we can push the space in terms of decor and incorporate our ceiling space. A lot of times they will have the different themes or genres. That makes corporate events a lot of fun!

And because we are so flexible, even if the corporate event is one that happens every year, we have the space and the ability to make the event feel like it’s completely different even though it’s in the same space.

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Services available?

Sometimes corporate clients will give us budget and will say: Go for it, build our event for us.

Which we really love doing because we know the space the best and we can really see how we can best utilize the budget to give them a bigger impact then, say, a hotel convention area. We don’t want to be standard.

Do you have special packages?

We do have some special packages for day time events, that are a little bit price conscious. It’s great for smaller luncheons or meetings. But otherwise, because there are so many possibilities for what’s in here, it depends on what non-profits or corporations need from us.Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Do you do corporate event planning too?

Yes, we offer corporate or non-profit event planning. Even if it’s just to do the floor plan with clients, there’s a lot of conversations that just naturally come out of what décor, logistics, flow, suggestions, timing are needed.

It’s not just about the end results your guests see. It’s also about all the back of the house, set up and timing to get to what your guests see. So we take it all into consideration for all of our events.

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

Pritzlaff Corporate Events

The Details

Four unique historical warehouse spaces located at 315 North Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Address 325 can host 50 to 300 guests. Includes covered outdoor space.
  • Address 333 can host 100 to 600 guest. Perfect for ceremony & reception.
  • Address 143 can host up to 180 guests seated. Includes covered outdoor space.
  • The Galleria is used for ceremonies, meetings and small parties.

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Pritzlaff Corporate Events

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