Vendor Spotlight: Paper Envy!

May 22, 2019 | Milwaukee Venue Photographs

Established in 1998, Debbie Pape started designing and producing custom handmade invitations for her family and friends. Because of this, she opened Paper Envy soon after as a custom stationery and invitation boutique specializing in designing personal handmade invitations for any event. She has been one of our favorite people in this industry for years. We are always thrilled to spend some time chatting with Debbie. Truth be told, this interview was kind of just an excuse to hang out with her!

The Interview

What is your beverage of choice? Reposado on the rocks with a splash of real lime juice
What is your lunk food of choice? Cheetos (puffy or crunchy, doesn’t matter!)
What is your favorite animal? Owl! (I have a friend who works in the raptor program at Schlitz Audubon)
What do you love to do with your friends and family? I like to travel, play cards and games, cook, and eat with my friends and family
Do you have any pets? We want to get a dog SOON! Our dream dog is a mini golden doodle!

What does Paper Envy specialize in?

We specialize in artisan printing processes. For example, letterpress and engraving are two of our favorites!

What kinds of companies are a good fit for Paper Envy?
I love clients who are interested in touching and experiencing luxury paper products in person rather than online. Also if they are looking for guidance and education in etiquette and fine paper options. That tells me they are a good fit for Paper Envy! All Paper Envy’s products and suites are designed completely custom!

What do you talk about when you first meet with a client?
When I meet with a potential client for the first time, we begin the design process right away. This allows me to give an accurate quote immediately before the company even commits to working with us. I like to get a feel for the entire event when creating custom products. Often clients will come to me with photos of the venue, linens, florals, etc to get inspiration for the design. However, my personal favorite sources of inspiration are fashion (I love Virgil Abloh, everything Gucci), textiles, home decor materials, and interior design. That gives me a chance to really personalize the design.

Why hire a professional to create the printed products for your event?
There are so many reasons! You know your invitations will be worded correctly and that etiquette and traditions will be followed. In other words, the ease of handing off a big project to someone qualified is really beneficial.

What is the best thing about working with Paper Envy?
We have fun! It’s a creative process that you get to participate in. At Paper Envy, we pride ourselves on quality and will give you the best product for your money.

What services are available?
Invitations, Save the Dates, addressing, mailing, design and printing, calligraphy, signage, menus, programs, delivery

What questions do clients forget to ask?
When providing numbers for a quote on invitations, most importantly, remember it’s the number of households, not the number of individual guests that is important.

What is your favorite trend this year?
I love that we are returning to a more formal style of invitation. I also love the personalizing with envelope liners. As a result, this subtle choice can add more design and detail to your invitation in a cost-effective and cheerful way!

What color and design trends are you most excited about?
Printing on acrylic, a clean and minimalist aesthetic, wax seals, including a personal logo or monogram, painted or gilded paper edge, metallic and matte together, light pistachio as a neutral design color

For more information on Paper Envy, please check out their website or book an appointment at the their Elm Grove studio by calling (262) 780-0850!

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