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A Unique Walker’s Point Event Space

South Second is a relatively new event venue unlike any other in Milwaukee. Nestled in the heart of Walker’s Point, South Second brings the city’s food and beverage districts together under one roof for an unforgettable experience.

The interior was designed by the award-winning firm HGA and honors the historic industrial character of the building while opening the space to the bustling nightlife of the neighborhood. The mezzanine lounge provides guests with a semi-private place to converse and recharge while keeping an eye on the festivities below.

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The Team

Angie Nieman and Michelle Anderson are both Sales & Events Managers and Event Specialists at South Second.

They are the ones who introduce clients to the options and guide them to the experience they are hoping for. We were thrilled to get a chance to sit down with them and get to know them better and hear more about South Second.

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Angie Nieman

Adult beverage of choice? Brandy old fashioned sweet, one of my own homebrews, or a nice micro brew.

Junk food of choice/guilty pleasure? Candy! Any candy, especially Sour Patch Kids.

Best trip you ever went on and why? I’ve spent a few weeks in a small town Brno in the Czech Republic. That was lovely. We did some traveling to Prague and other small towns too.

What music makes up your favorite playlist and what is the best concert you’ve ever been to?  My background is in classical music, so that what I lean towards. All of the best concerts I’ve been to are all classical music.

Tell me about your family & friends – what do you like to do together?  I spend a lot of time playing tabletop board games. I’m a fanatic.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it? It’s hard because it should be a clever pun, right? Well, let’s name it Clever Pun.


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Michelle Anderson

Adult beverage of choice? Champagne or white wine.

Junk food of choice/guilty pleasure? Anything sweet, I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man.

Best trip you ever went on and why? My trip to Mexico last year!  It was a belated honeymoon (three years later) and my first vacation in many many years. It was nice to get away.

What music makes up your favorite playlist? Country music

Tell me about your family & friends – what do you like to do together? I just had a little boy. His name is Grayson, he is a handsome little fella. We are just kind of figuring out what our new family likes to do. Right now it’s just spending as much time with him as possible.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it? The Wine Cork

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The Interview

History of the venue?

It was an old warehouse space vacated at the beginning of 2015. Saz’s moved across the street and they started to renovate this space around December 2015 and it took around 6 months to complete it. Everything in here is pretty much new. The style is post-industrial and it looks completely awesome.

industrial event venue in Milwaukee, south second

Why are companies drawn to your space?

Companies that come here usually are looking for a post-industrial look: Edison bulbs, exposed beams – the garage doors are a huge feature.

We have beautiful natural light that comes through the garage doors and is a big draw. People love that. It doesn’t feel like you are closed in, it’s a very open feeling. They also like a lot of inclusivity of what this venue offers.

south second, walkers point event spaceFab feature companies might not know about?

The excellent coordinators they get to work with 🙂

I feel like it’s kind of a hidden gem here. The mezzanine doesn’t get featured online too often but it’s a very cool spot to hang out in with awesome furniture. What always happens when people come for the tour is they go, “oh my gosh, this is so much bigger than it looks like in photographs or from the street.”

The ceilings are 18 feet tall. That’s something people don’t realize as well until they come in here. It’s a 6000 sq ft building.

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south second event venue


Saz’s catering is in-house – what is your favorite dish on the menu?

Boston Bibb Salad, Candied Bacon, Moroccan Chicken, Cheesy Grits are all amazing.

We have a couple of items that people tend to choose over and over again. For example Braised Short Ribs, and Chicken Verona.

But there are so many more on our menu that are like hidden gems. We are excited when people are willing to take a chance on something that is a little bit out there.

corporate event at south second


What types of corporate events do you host?

Lots of different things: fundraisers, galas, meetings, holiday parties. We just did a live streamed political event!

corporate event at south second

south second events in milwaukee

What services are available?

Catering, furniture, rentals, and linens are not included, but they are available for rent.

converted warehouse event space in milwaukee

Do you have any special packages?

We do have very reasonable rates for corporate events and non-profit groups. Also, if you are planning a weekday event rentals are very affordable.

south second event venue

What do corporate clients forget to ask, but should?

Corporate clients are more likely to forget about how the space is going to look.

They are less concerned about a layout or where they are going to put a sign in table. So a lot of times they will get the food and the bar package. They are more focused on what can we provide for the guests and the layout is not a priority.

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Do you do corporate event planning too? Or do you suggest hiring a local planner?

It depends on their needs.

A lot of times the corporate clients are less likely to need a lot of planning assistance and we are able to accommodate logistics on our own for them. We are here to help if we can. But if it’s a big production, a big event, we would suggest hiring a planner.

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The Details

South Second is located at 838 S. 2nd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204. They can accommodate:

  • Up to 350 guests for cocktail events
  •  Up to 250 guests for seated events

Visit their website at

Contact the team by calling 414.256.8765

Don’t forget to follow them on social media!


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Learn More!

You can always contact the Front Room Studios team to learn more about events at South Second or our corporate photography and videography.

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