Milwaukee Rehearsal Photographer: Andrea & Rob!

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Milwaukee Rehearsal Photographer: Andrea & Rob!

Andrea and Rob weren’t looking for a Milwaukee rehearsal photographer when they found us.  They were understandably searching for the right fit for their wedding.  Then, about a week before their wedding Rob’s mother called asking about our availability to cover a wedding rehearsal and dinner.  The funny thing is, she didn’t realize we were also the wedding photographers!  Water Buffalo, the cite of the dinner, referred her to us and it was just a wonderful coincidence!  The more she described the event, we started to realize it was our wedding the following day she was describing.  We all had a great laugh about that.

milwaukee rehearsal photographer

This look that Andrea is giving her dad before he finally walks her down the aisle for the first time is priceless.  Even though the real walk down the aisle won’t happen for another 24 hours, this moment is a real one.  A lifetime of anticipation is almost over.

milwaukee rehearsal photographer milwaukee rehearsal photographer

It’s always a treat when we get to add rehearsal coverage to a package.  The gathering of loved ones is what we love most about weddings.  The rehearsal is the first gathering point and the beginning of a wonderful wedding weekend.  Our goal is always to really get to know people and blend in with a family.  Having us cover the rehearsal is one of the best ways to start that process.  Many barriers are broken when we get to say, “See you tomorrow!” to everyone at the end of the night.  The following day at the wedding, stories from the previous evening are shared and we get to share in them and become part of the stories.  That’s what this is all about:  retelling meaningful stories and solidifying them into memories.

milwaukee rehearsal photographer milwaukee rehearsal photographer

Water Buffalo is great place for just a night out or to host a rehearsal dinner.

milwaukee rehearsal photographermilwaukee rehearsal photographermilwaukee rehearsal photographer

The toasts at a rehearsal are always fun.  In a more casual setting with a more intimate crowd, they can be emotional, personal and, sometimes, sardonic.  There is a better chance that a toast turns into a roast when you are amongst those closest to you.  And that’s a good time.

milwaukee rehearsal photographermilwaukee rehearsal photographer


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