Guitar Product Photography – A Beautiful Model!

May 24, 2018 | Product Photography | 0 comments

What a Beautiful Model!

Many of our commercial shoots involve working with people of all stripes, from models, to CEO’s. We enjoy those interactions very much. But we also work really well with inanimate objects. Recently we had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful guitar. Our gritty cream city brick walls were the perfect contrast to the rich, smooth wood, so we turned our gallery into a studio for the shoot!

In the image-based world we live in, having high quality photos of the items you are selling online is an investment that can pay off almost immediately. Getting consumers to click on your ad is the first and most important step in them purchasing something from you.

This vendor knew it was not enough to have good reviews and a cell phone shot of this high end guitar. Bathing this beauty in gorgeous light and then getting in close to show off the detailing elevates the perceived value of this instrument.

Seeing it in person,  actual value is clearly high. With a thorough photo gallery, that becomes clear to anyone who stumbles upon it online.

We love shoots like this. It’s fun helping a fellow business owner achieve their vision. The instant gratification of product photography is very satisfying. We get to turn to our client, show them the work and get the thumbs up on the spot.

As much fun as it is to bring out the inner character of people, there’s something refreshing about the ease of working with an object. It follows directions very very well.

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