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May 5, 2017 | Tips & Advice | 0 comments

Brand on the Next Level with Goal Setting

Who are you as a company? As a professional? Where are you going and where will you be in 1 year? 5 years? If you stay on the path you are on now. What is the goal of your branding & marketing for the year? How can you brand on the next level? How can you work on the next level?

If you are asking questions like this, you are ahead of just about everyone else in the marketplace. As the daily grind bogs us down, it is easy to get lost in working in your business, in your job, and not on it. It is easy to schedule a photo shoot because you were told to. Often no one really knows why – other than “we need new pictures”. A photographer can certainly do that for you. But a good photographer wants their work to go the distance, to be used often and easily. Because it is such a natural fit into your brand and messaging.

Goodwill zombie halloween billboard by Front Room

Zombie costume billboard for Goodwill


Unfortunately, without being immersed in your brand everyday, your photographer won’t know the things you know as second nature. They need more information about your goals to execute to the highest level possible.

A brand is a living and growing entity – it changes as the mission, the company and the people change. Take some time to look at it intentionally. If we have one goal for the year, what would it be? Is it to get new funding? New recruits? New clients? Whatever that one goal is for the year, pick it and drive your content and brand toward that.

Calligraphy and hand lettering tools from Shelby Made It by Front Room

Shelby Made It hand lettering and calligraphy photography by Front Room

If you try to do everything at once, you won’t gain any traction or get anywhere. If you pick a target and focus in on that, you can make some real progress.

For example, if you are growing your team and you decide that recruiting will be your emphasis for the year, then you can plan to create imagery that tells the story of your company culture. Maybe it is bright and clean, sunny and cheerful, showing a lot of the team working and smiling together.  Hey, we have a great team and culture here – why don’t you join us? Driving that one point home will help you gain ground in that all important area of recruiting but it also bolsters the overall brand by focusing in on one key component that makes you all who you are. That is just one example.

Milwaukee Realtor team candidly laughing together| Photo by Front Room

Realty team laughing together by Front Room Photography


Milwaukee woman laughing during headshots session by Front Room

Ann cracking up during her headshot session

If you feel like you are too close to the trees to see the forest, let us know. We have a consulting team that is well versed in assisting clients with those kind of decisions and also bring a content creation expertise to the table that can look at your agenda for the year and see what focus might fit best with the opportunities we have to create imagery. It’s a lot to consider but with a strategic plan in place for setting goals and then creating a team that drives together toward that goal, you can really brand on the next level.


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