Win Social Media with Video

May 5, 2017 | Tips & Advice | 0 comments

Win Social Media with Video

Video is now the most viewed format on social media. People are conditioned to see and respond to video online. So to win the social media game, you need to win social media with video. We also know that attention spans are at an all time low. You have a lot to compete with online and a short window to grab someone’s attention and convince them to learn more. That is why incorporating video into your social media planning is key. And, with so much content out there, people are used to high production value. Seeing quality video made in an interesting way.

Doing social media clips as teasers to get people to your site (where your full video lives) is huge. It’s a way to gain traction with your social media audience. It reinforces your brand and story on multiple occasions. And it boosts your standing with social media giants like Facebook who love quality content that spans across video, imagery and conversations.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or long. Here is a 30 second clip we pulled from one of our larger videos to share with our social media audience. It didn’t require a reshoot or any complicated logistics. Just a vision for the message we wanted to communicate, some new imagery and a bit of editing. It’s creative edits that can help you win social media, stretch the value of the content you create when you do a video project and maintain the branding you have set up to tell your story.


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