Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Rachael & Brad!

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Rachael, Brad and the Dogs in Bay View!

When Rachael and Brad called us, they weren’t exactly looking for a Milwaukee engagement photographer.  They were planning a raging party (some call it a wedding) at Best Place for the following November.  However once we got to talking, and they learned they didn’t have to leave Bay View AND their dogs could be in the photos, they were all in.

With a photo tour of Bay View on the docket, we were given carte blanche to lead the way as our artistic eyes saw fit.  That we did, making key stops at select underpasses and also our favorite aisle at Groppi’s.  We also took them to our favorite secret pier just in time for an amazing sunset.

Sometimes couples wonder what to wear to an engagement session.  Of course, there is a whole range of options and a spectrum from the very casual to the very formal.  As with most things, avoiding the extremes is usually a good idea.  The most important considerations are that you both feel comfortable and that your level of dress match.  We don’t recommend that couples get too “match-matchy”, rather that you look like you’re going on a date to the same location.

Rachael and Brad handled this perfectly.  It wouldn’t have been in their character to get real dressed up, especially with the dogs present.  Instead, they chose outfits  and accessories (jean jacket for her, hat for him) that were true to themselves and added a level of playfulness to the images.

Milwaukee engagement photographer Milwaukee engagement photographer  Milwaukee engagement photographer  Milwaukee engagement photographer  Milwaukee engagement photographer

Milwaukee engagement photographer

It felt like were on a tropical vacation for a moment.  That’s always the feeling we are going for on an engagement session.  With Rachael and Brad, that feeling was easy to come by.

Milwaukee engagement photographer  Milwaukee engagement photographer