Milwaukee Proposal Photography – Discovery World

May 23, 2016 | Uncategorized

Milwaukee Proposal Photography:  Chelsea Said “Yes!” at Discovery World

One day, Jeremy called us, introduced himself and excitedly wanted to know if we did Milwaukee proposal photography.  He told us of his plan to bring his girlfriend Chelsea to Discovery World, drop down to one knee and ask her the question he could barely keep contained any longer.  “Moon River” by Andy Williams followed by “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and fireworks were cued up for the big moment, but he was still missing something special.

Proposal photography requires fairly precise planning to maximize the opportunity without disrupting the moment (or even making yourself known at all, ideally).  We came down to Discovery World for a site visit with Jeremy to get the plan fully in place.  This part of the process is really vital since there are many factors that a nervous boyfriend will never think of when making the plan.  A good plan can become an epic experience with just a few tweaks and the right guidance.

The Pilot House at Discovery World was the site:  a big open room surrounded by windows and an amazing view.  We talked briefly about the concept of flowers and candles and soon realized us three dudes needed a feminine touch to balance everything out and bring it together.  Enter Tiara from Events to a T, a good friend, former bride of ours, and an impeccable coordinator of all things beautiful.  On very short notice, she consulted with Jeremy, made a plan, and dispatched her amazing team to put the finishing touches on the room that you see here.

Everything went off without a hitch.  Chelsea had no idea what was about to happen, Jeremy remembered his marks and his lines, the fireworks went off right on cue and, most importantly, she said, “Yes!!”  Their families were also in attendance to celebrate and we took a few photos.

The excitement of that experience still resonates with us.  Nothing compares to the moment he drops to a knee, she drops her jaw and everyone knows:  someone’s getting married! In fact, this excitement has been renewed as Chelsea and Jeremy booked us to photograph their wedding next June too!