Milwaukee Health Care Photography – Meade Medical Clinic!

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Milwaukee Health Care Photography

Meade Medical Clinic

Milwaukee Health Care Photography is something we are passionate about. We have a blast working with healthcare professionals  creating personal headshots, capturing doctors, nurses and staff at work, and the offices where they work their magic.

That is exactly what we did for the folks over at Meade Medical! They have an amazing clinic and staff – keep reading to learn more about Meade Medical.

Milwaukee healthcare photography

Milwaukee healthcare photography

About Meade Medical – from Meade Medical

Meade Medical Clinic was founded in 1998 by James and Jeffrey Meade. The clinic began with Family Practice and Sports Medicine (Dr. Jim) and Pediatrics (Dr. Jeff). Since that time the clinic has to grown to seven providers covering these same specialties and also providing the hospital care for pediatric patients in the birthing center and providing all hospital care for newborns and pediatrics in the women’s health unit and pediatrics inpatient unit at Watertown Regional Medical Center.

We have always tried to put family first whether it be our own, that of our staff, or the families we have come to know over the years. Our parents Dr. Robert and Hazel Meade were not only patients here they have also been our inspiration then and now. It is our goal that the same love and attention that our entire staff gave to our parents will be the love and attention that we give to all our patients. We may not always succeed, but we will always try.

Our clinic providers all believe that staying healthy and preventing disease or illness whenever possible is the best route. This care includes what we eat, how we exercise, our social connections, and of course immunizations. We trust the science that shows that preventive care such as this may be more important than the tests and medications we use once disease or illness has entered our lives.

We will do our best to spend as much time as you need to help us understand your goals and develop a mutual plan of lifelong care. We look forward to seeing you!

 Milwaukee healthcare photography  Milwaukee healthcare photography

Get in touch

Reach out to Meade Medical to learn more about their services! You can see their website here!

Milwaukee healthcare photography  Milwaukee healthcare photography  Milwaukee healthcare photography