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Heather Farr Events has made a name for herself in Milwaukee weddings for over a decade. Along with her team, they have pushed the creative envelope for their eclectic couples. Their couples love them for their vision. However, their vendor friends love them because they make every wedding a beautiful breeze to be a part of! We had a chance to sit down with Heather and hear more about what makes Heather Farr Events so much fun and so unique!

After studying PR in college and working in the events industry at Zilli’s and Milwaukee Ale House, Heather made the leap into self-employment. It was 12 years ago when started Heather Farr Events. Now she works from home where she and her husband care for their 2 boys and cat. They love to be outside hiking and enjoying nature, boating, going to the zoo, and cooking food together.

Heather Farr Events

The Interview

Adult beverage of choice: Beer! Heather loves brewery tours and beer gardens

Junk food of choice: Nachos and donuts

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it? Cloud 9. All her best life events have happened in September!

Favorite animal: Giraffe

What types of couples are the best fit?
I love couples that are down to earth, not fussy, looking for a chill, eclectic experience for their guests. When this is the case, I can visualize room transformations and think outside the box!

How do you start the design process when you first meet with a couple?
I like to ask a lot about them. In addition to that, I take note of their personal style and what they are wearing, favorite restaurants, favorite vacation spot.

Heather Farr Events

What is your favorite venue in town to design for?
I love Pabst Best Place! Because it’s very Milwaukee! Also, more contemporary venues with lots of natural light like Venue 42 and Good City Brewing!

What is the difference between full service planning and month-of planning?

Full service includes assisting the couple with their venue search, recommending vendors, working on the details of the overall design of the wedding, and helping with the schedule, in addition to all the services that are offered with month-of planning.

For month-of planning, I get all the venue and vendor contracts from the client about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This gives me a chance to familiarize myself with the details. After that, at about 4 weeks prior to the wedding, I take over the planning process by finalizing the schedule, confirming with vendors, etc. In addition to that, I am there the day of the wedding to help coordinate the events and vendors so the couple can relax and enjoy their day.

Why should couples consider hiring a professional planner?
Most people don’t realize that on average, a wedding takes about 250 hours of research, planning, vendor meetings, etc! Now that the average age of people getting married has increased, many couples are planning a wedding while they have a LOT of other things going on in their lives. They are busy with work, grad school, or buying their first home, and wedding planning is one more task to add to the list. Couples are also looking for an objective third party to weigh in on the decisions they are making, someone with experience in weddings and events, and someone who is familiar with the vendors available in Milwaukee and who can recommend a company that will be a great fit for the type of event they want to have.

Heather Farr Events

How can a planner help with the practical aspects of wedding planning?
Prioritize! An experienced planner can help a couple figure out which parts of the wedding are most important to them and allot budget and energy to those areas. A planner with a background in design can help unite multiple areas of inspiration into one cohesive event that wows your guests.

What is the best thing about working with Heather Farr Events?
You are working directly with me, which comes with a genuine, personal connection and authenticity.

Heather Farr Events

What question to couples forget to ask?
“What should we do FIRST?” The guest list should always come before signing a contract on a venue since there is no point spending time touring venues that can host 100-150 people if your guest list is 225.

What color and design trends are you most excited about for 2019-2020?
I love jewel tones and mixed metallics! In addition to these trends, I like that things don’t have to be so matchy-matchy.

Heather Farr Events

Favorite event trend you are seeing for weddings this year?
I’m seeing more personalized weddings! Therefore, people are bucking tradition to do what feels right to the couple

Heather Farr Events

If you were designing an event from scratch and had total creative control, where would you look for inspiration?
My own vacation photos, interior and exterior design (where do people choose to live their lives?), going down the internet rabbit hole of inspiration (event designs, furniture, fashion, etc)

Please check out Heather’s website to see even more of her wonderful work.


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