Vendor Spotlight: Overture Center!

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Overture Center in Madison is one of the most unique venues we get to experience. It has many varied areas, ranging from modern and sleek to literally theatrical. Because of this, couples can tailor the space to their style. With all these options, Overture Center knew they needed a wonderful team in place to help their couples navigate all the options. We had a chance to sit down with the Overture Center team to get to know them better and hear more about what they love about their weddings. After this meeting, we knew even more about what makes this team special.

Tara manages the weddings for Overture with couples prior to the big day. She helps them with decisions about spaces and schedules, and the Overture events team is there on the day-of to help oversee load-in and load-out. Tara is present about an hour or two prior to the event and stays through the dinner.

Haley and Kristen are the catering team, and they also do linens and set up the event with the events team.
Tara, Haley, and Kristen hold many of the client meetings as a team (including planning and tasting) so that decisions about the venue, catering, and overall event is always in the loop!

Fun Facts

Favorite adult beverages

Kristen: Anything sparkling! My recent fave is a Paloma!

Haley: I love rose wine or a margarita.

Tara: I let my friends pick for me!!

Guilty pleasure

They all agree on Reality TV, but they say HEY- it’s not a guilty pleasure if you don’t feel guilty about it! 😉

What are some of your favorite stories from Overture Center weddings?

Tara: One of my favorite things is when the ceremony is on the big Overture stage. I love to watch the guests’ faces as they walk in and realize they get to sit ON THE STAGE! One wedding had a puppy in a white tux that the whole team swooned over. We enjoy when couples have cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony! One funny-ish story is that a bride had an absolutely lovely dress, but she realized too late that she couldn’t fully sit in the dress. The team rushed to the rescue and replaced their sweetheart table with a tall-boy table with tall Chivari stools, and the party went on without a hitch! We also really love when couples use the space for family photos.

What kinds of couples are the best fit for The Overture Center?

Overture’s favorite type of couple is the pair who enjoy the simplicity and recognize the beauty of the space. When they allow the space to speak for itself and accent it with beautiful florals, Overture Center truly shines. Most couples even choose white linens to avoid overpowering the light marble and beautiful architecture.

To see more about Overture Center, please check out their website. To see more of our wedding work, please check out our portfolio.


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