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Events to a T is a Milwaukee-based event planning company that extends their services all over Wisconsin & the Chicagoland area. Known for their creative designs, exquisite attention to detail and fun personalities, they are able to take your vision to the next level. Tiara and her amazing team always provide a unique and memorable experience for their couples. As a photographer, we are always thrilled to work with their team because their couples are fun and relaxed and the details are impeccable.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tiara and finding out more about what drives her and her team to do all that they do.

The Interview

What is your adult beverage of choice?
I love Rose, champagne!

What is your junk food of choice/guilty pleasure?
I love any sort of desert. Ice cream is always a big one.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?

Favorite animal?
I love my dogs, Murphy and Ralphy. When I was little I loved tigers. But I’ve not thought about it in a long time 🙂

Best trip you ever went on and why?
Recently we went to Hawaii for our 5 years anniversary. It was so much fun. I love the outdoors, we’ve done a lot of hiking. I really feel like myself when I’m in the middle of nature, climbing through trees and going through waterfalls. We did a lot of that. It’s so much more fun than just laying on the beach.

What music makes up your favorite playlist? OR Best concert you’ve ever been to?
I really singer-songwriter stuff. I love Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, John Mayer.
I love Zac Brown Band and we see them at least once or twice a year. They put on a great show. We saw them in Alpine Valley. Afterward, it took a long time for people to leave the parking lot, so we just hung out and blasted music and it turned into this ginormous dance party in the middle of the field! People were just going crazy, it was amazing.

Tell me about your family and friends – what do you like to do together?
My personal immediate family is small, we like to get together for dinner, spending time outside. My family is very athletic, so we like to do races together half marathons, marathons. On my husband’s side, there is a lot more family. We get together a lot, drinking and hanging out.

Why are couples drawn to your work? What style/type of weddings or couples are the best fit?

I think that a lot of times it’s our reviews online, we have a lot of them! I think when people are able to read about a personal experience from past clients, it really appeals to them. Then they follow Events to a T on Instagram or Facebook and see the range of the events that we do from very large 300 people weddings to more intimate style events. So we appeal to lots of different clients.

When you sit down with a couple for the first time after they’ve hired Events to a T, how do you start the design process?

We ask a couple a lot of questions. We would really like to get to know their personalities, their history separately and as a couple, family dynamics, what their hobbies are. Just so we can pick up on different things that we can tie in to the wedding as their personal details. I think it’s very important to not just plan a pretty wedding, but have something really true to who the bride and groom are. To bring in their personal style and build off that.

What is your favorite venue in town to design for?

Oh boy! I really love Villa Terrace. I just think it’s a really magical place. That old Italian feel, beautiful garden…even in the winter I still think it’s beautiful with all the textures and colors that come from it. I’ve just always been a big fan. Same with Turner Hall. I think that the atmosphere is very cool, it’s unique, it’s very Milwaukee. Any weddings at Turner Hall will have a very strong party because it’s obviously a concert hall and they have a stage and a great sound system. I feel like a party there is always fun!

What is the difference between full-service planning and day-of planning?

We have a pretty extensive day-of package. Once we are booked, we set up a meeting to talk about the wedding timeline and then we send them back into the wedding world to plan the rest of the day. We step back in a month before the event and help to finalize any last minute details to give them a peace of mind that nothing has been missed. And then, of course, the wedding weekend we are there from start to finish.
For full-service planning, we are doubling in every aspect of the wedding. We are a part of many meetings to figure out the design and styling of the event. We are securing all the vendors and keeping them on track to make sure that the wedding planning is very consistent. And then of course we are there for the weekend.

Why should couples consider hiring a professional planner?

You are spending so much time and effort planning this one day and a lot of money goes into it. So I think it’s very important to hire a planner to make sure that your day goes extremely smooth and you are able to enjoy it the fullest. It goes by so fast that you don’t want to be thinking “Did this arrive?”,” “Did that get set up correctly?” It’s nice to have a planner in place so they can take care of you.

How can a planner help with the practical aspects of the schedule and planning as well as the design and vendor management?

We have a lot of experience. We do this every single weekend. So we know how long things tend to take, or different things that happened in the past that can affect certain situations. Of course most of the couples have never planned an event before. This is where our expertise comes in and we can let them know where they will need more time, advise on logistics and such.
When it comes to design and vendor management, again we have a lot of experience with the different vendors in the industry. So we can pin point who is going to fit them best, based on their personalities and budget. We are able to quickly expedite that process, make it very easy for the couple. Instead of doing tons of research and kind of going blind into choosing vendors, they can have our own personal experience to point them into the right direction.

What is the best thing about working with Events to a T?

I think we always go above and beyond. Our goal is that our couple has the best experience in any part of the day, even if we are not technically involved in that portion of the wedding day. For example, family photos. We really like to play a role in family photos, we want to make sure people have water, we hand them bouquets, if they need them. If somebody’s missing, we are able to go get that person. We also are team players. We know how important vendors are to make the day amazing for the couple.

What services available in-house?

Events to a T has three different packages: a day-of, a partial planning and full-service planning. We’re always happy to customize something based on a specific budget that a client allocated towards wedding planning. If they are kind of in the between different packages, we always come up with something special. It’s flexible!

One thing every bride and groom should know before their wedding?

Things are going to happen and it’s our job to troubleshoot these situations and move forward. It’s their one day and it’s about the two of them, the love that they share and the love that their friends and family share with them. No stress.

What color and design trends are you most excited about for 2019-2020?

I think just more color in general. I feel like in the past things has been really neutral and blushes and golds. I think this year people are taking a little bit more of risk with adding some coloring to their day which is fun. Also this year we’ve seen a lot more brunch weddings, more casual cocktail style receptions versus traditional seating. I really like it!

If you are designing an event from scratch and you have total creative license, where do you look for inspiration?

If It’s for my clients I will look for their personal style and hobbies for the inspiration. I also will look through magazines. It can even be a home or architectural magazine. Obviously, Instagram is a huge source of inspiration, different designers. I love looking at linens. It’s fun to see different colors and patterns and play around with those.

For more information about Events to a T, feel free to check out their website!

You can also call Tiara at 262-914-9661 or email her at

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