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Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick! Kelly and Nick went all in on their Pritzlaff wedding. In addition to choosing Pritzlaff as the venue for their ceremony and reception, they had Cori Coffman of Pritzlaff coordinate their whole wedding! They couldn’t have been happier with any of these choices. “A great wedding planner is worth his/her weight in gold. They can give you insight on who is amazing, Front Room as an example, […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Elle!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Elle! It’s always a treat when we can use our position as a Milwaukee portrait photographer to benefit our friends.  We have known Paul and Tali for forever.  They are one of the sweetest couples we know and we knew if they ever chose to start a family they would be amazing parents. For this shoot, we went to the lovely Trimborn Farms.  It is really a […]

River Club of Mequon Wedding: Rachel & Christian!

River Club of Mequon Wedding: Rachel & Christian! Rachel and Christian were blessed with an unbelievably beautiful day for their River Club of Mequon wedding! From the beginning, they were more interested in creating a day for their guests than to shine the spotlight on themselves. Once they saw the River Club of Mequon (and met the irascible Larry Kreiner, the man of boundless energy that personally sees to each […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve! Natalie and Steve weren’t just looking for a Milwaukee engagement photographer. They were searching for the perfect fit for their wedding and knew their engagement session vision would help them narrow the field. Many couples have very little idea what they would like to do for their engagement session.  It was a refreshing change of pace to have very specific ideas come our way […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: United Way!

Milwaukee Event Photographer: United Way! Being a Milwaukee event photographer has brought us into close contact with many inspirational people and their efforts to help better their community. No organization represents that spirit better than United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County. Their annual closing ceremony is the crowning event of their campaign, honoring those that have given so much of themselves to help others. At this event, they reveal how […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: HPGM Annual Meeting!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  HPGM Annual Meeting! Being a Milwaukee event photographer, we are sometimes privy to exciting happenings and announcements that the general public is not exposed to.  Hearing first-hand about what some amazing people and organizations are doing for our community is inspiring.  Recently, we were in some very good company at the Hispanic Professional of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) annual meeting.  Milwaukee’s heaviest hitters, including Mayor Tom Barrett and […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Goodwill Creates Opportunity!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer:  Goodwill Creates Opportunity! As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, there is a wide range of stories to tell that come our way.  Many of them are really inspiring and are a big part of why we love our job.  Goodwill has been the source of many of those stories over the years.  It’s funny, our working relationship with Goodwill is rooted in anything but the genuine.  Initially, we were […]

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Victoria & Scott!

Chicago Engagement Photographer:  Victoria & Scott! Being based in Milwaukee, it’s a special treat when we get to morph into a Chicago engagement photographer for an afternoon.  Victoria and Scott will be getting married in Milwaukee next year, but Chicago is their home and they couldn’t imagine having an engagement session anywhere else.  Victoria and Scott initially reached out to us through the Dynamic Events by David Caruso team about […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Bartolotta Appreciates Their Employees!

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Bartolotta Appreciates Their Employees! We get a lot of calls for events at Bartolotta properties.  However, it’s not often that Bartolotta calls us looking for a Milwaukee event photographer for themselves. While they are always the ones putting on the party for others, this time they were throwing themselves a party! More specifically, they were throwing a party for their employees. It’s certainly a rare instance when […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Summerfest Big Gig Dress Rehearsal!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  Summerfest Big Gig Dress Rehearsal! The role of Milwaukee event photographer leads us down many roads that are closed to many.  Before we got into this, little did we know that there is an awesome indoor party proceeding Milwaukee’s annual  outdoor party known as Summerfest.  For those that work behind the scenes at Summerfest in any capacity, it is common knowledge that once that 11-day train starts rolling […]

Milwaukee Non-Profit Photographer: United Way LINC!

Milwaukee Non-Profit Photographer:  United Way Linc! Being a Milwaukee non-profit photographer gives us many opportunities to use our talents to support worthy causes around town.  We work most frequently with United Way as the good work they do reaches into so many different areas.  This was a rare opportunity for us to actually host an event!  United Way was looking for a host for their next LINC (Lead Impact Network […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey! Carrie and Casey overcame some challenges while planning their Pritzlaff wedding. Planning a wedding is never easy, but working around a professional baseball player’s schedule poses a unique set of obstacles. Taking off from work an hour early to meet the florist just isn’t an option in their situation. Sitting on the couch together browsing websites and dreaming about the big day only happens during […]

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: Angie & Matt!

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer:  Angie & Matt! As a Milwaukee proposal photographer, we have learned there is nothing more exciting than the moments when you know what’s coming but she has no idea.  There are few opportunities in life to be witness to something at once so anticipated, momentous and surprising (at least for one person).  In the case of Angie and Matt, Angie was definitely surprised, but Matt (and both their […]