Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Brittany & Bryan!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Brittany & Bryan! From the outside, it may seem that being a Milwaukee engagement photographer would entail reinventing the same thing over and over again.  After all, how many different ways are there to photograph two people?  The beauty of our approach is that it’s more about interpreting people than over-directing them.  Getting a couple to an emotional place where they can truly be themselves in front […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Lauren & Drew!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Lauren & Drew! Exploring and reinterpreting this city for many seasons as a Milwaukee engagement photographer has led us to just about every nook and cranny we could imagine. The fun thing is, that the nooks and crannies keep changing! With the Milwaukee renaissance of the last ten years or so, there is always a building going up or coming down that changes the landscape enough to […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: The Hyatt!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  The Hyatt! Being a Milwaukee event photographer, we meet many people, vendors, and clients and have made many friends over the years. When our friends at The Hyatt called us for a favor, we were more than happy to accommodate. They were preparing their ballroom for one of their biggest and best events of the year, The ALS Evening of Hope Gala, and wanted to make sure […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Annual WRA Awards!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  Annual WRA Awards! As a Milwaukee event photographer, we have developed a few once a year clients that we cherish.  This marks the fourth year that we have covered the Wisconsin Restaurant Association (WRA) annual award dinner where they recognize a variety of successful restaurateurs from different regions around the state.  The big award of the evening is always The Restaurateurs of the Year award.  This year that honor […]

Milwaukee Family Photographer: A Family in the Studio!

Milwaukee Family Photographer:  A Family in the Studio! Sometimes being a Milwaukee family photographer means reuniting with one of our wedding couples!  Such was the case when Caitlin and Kevin brought Kaion in to see us! It was really cool to see this couple, whose wedding we shot, evolving into parents. Well, Caitlin is a natural born nurturer and mom. Kevin is currently evolving into dad before our very eyes! […]

Turner Hall Wedding Show: WEDMKE!

Turner Hall Wedding Show:  WEDMKE! One Sunday we look forward to every year is the Turner Hall wedding show WEDMKE, put on by Turner Hall and Milwaukee Airwaves.  It isn’t your typical wedding show, which should come as no surprise when it’s in one of Milwaukee’s most character-driven venues.  Every artisan here brings their own voice to their craft, choosing to eschew the status quo for a more inspired vision. […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Gwendolyn turns 1!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Gwendolyn turns 1! Nothing makes us more proud than morphing from a couple’s wedding photographer into their Milwaukee portrait photographer. Not only does is it tell us our clients are super happy, it also means this family who’s inception we documented is starting to grow! Cheryl and Rob brought us to Nevada for their wedding a few years ago. It was truly epic to see their wonderful families […]

Milwaukee Headshot Photographer: Crescent Grove!

Milwaukee Headshot Photographer:  Crescent Grove! Being a Milwaukee headshot photographer, we have a wide range of projects and clients come our way.  Sometimes we are simply updating a social media presence, other times it’s an entire actor’s portfolio.  Some of our larger clients are businesses that have a lot of turnover and are sending us new hires all the time as part of their hiring process.  For those companies that come […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve! Natalie and Steve weren’t just looking for a Milwaukee engagement photographer. They were searching for the perfect fit for their wedding and knew their engagement session vision would help them narrow the field. Many couples have very little idea what they would like to do for their engagement session.  It was a refreshing change of pace to have very specific ideas come our way […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: United Way!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: United Way! As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, we recently had the honor of helping to introduce the 2017 United Way Campaign Co-Chairs to the world. This is a talented, driven, and generous collection of individuals United Way has chosen to lead their 2017 campaign. We can’t wait to see the various ways that United Way helps our local community in the coming year and we have no […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer:  Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! As a Milwaukee wedding photographer for the past 20 years, we have developed wonderful relationships with so many talented artists in town.  Throughout any wedding season, each weekend we get to a couple of them and catch up for a few minutes before we all have to get back to the job at hand.  We love Milwaukee’s Magnificent bride for many reasons, but getting […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Shelby Made It!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Shelby Made It! Some of our jobs as a Milwaukee commercial photographer require our creative brains to come up with ideas to tell the story our clients don’t know how to tell. That was not the case with Shelby, our former graphic designer who has launched her own company Shelby Made It! “I contacted Front Room looking for some headshots and some branding images for my business. I have […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Front Room Family!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer:  A Front Room Family! Being a Milwaukee portrait photographer has exposed us to some really amazing kids and families.  Some of them come back regularly giving us an opportunity to see and document the incremental growth that is so easy to overlook.  Kate, Anne and Abbey have been checking in with us annually for a few years now and, from the beginning, they have thoroughly been who they […]