Milwaukee Event Photographer: HPGM Annual Meeting!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  HPGM Annual Meeting! Being a Milwaukee event photographer, we are sometimes privy to exciting happenings and announcements that the general public is not exposed to.  Hearing first-hand about what some amazing people and organizations are doing for our community is inspiring.  Recently, we were in some very good company at the Hispanic Professional of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) annual meeting.  Milwaukee’s heaviest hitters, including Mayor Tom Barrett and […]

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Jenny & Kyle!

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Jenny & Kyle! Being based in Milwaukee, but shooting all over the world, it is not uncommon that we find ourselves transformed into a Chicago engagement photographer. Generally when that happens, it’s a couple that is getting married in Milwaukee but lives in Chicago. We cherish those opportunities to get out of our comfort zones! Not only does it give us a chance to include locations of […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Caitlin & Aaron!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer:  Caitlin & Aaron! As a Milwaukee engagement photographer, it’s a rare circumstance when the first time we meet a couple is at their engagement session.  However, with Caitlin and Aaron planning their Milwaukee wedding from San Francisco, this was the first chance we had to have a face to face convo.  Indeed, the first time we spoke, it was a conference call that united all three coasts […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: The Journeyman!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer:  The Journeyman! As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, we get to see some of the freshest spaces in Milwaukee before many people get to.  If you are wondering what the buzz in Third Ward is all about, it’s The Journeyman, a Kimpton Hotel.  The lobby is beautiful and is worthy of a pop in if you happen to be walking by. At the very top of this beautiful hotel […]

Dynamic Events Wedding: Kelly & Trish!

Dynamic Events Wedding: Kelly & Trish! Our latest Dynamic Events wedding was also our first of 2017 and we couldn’t have had a more unique wedding to warm up our January. Kelly and Trish are a force unto themselves, with an energy that brings people in and a kindness that keeps them there. Throw into that mix a crazy amount of talent and style with Dynamic Events by David Caruso in charge of […]

The Atrium Wedding: An Open House!

The Atrium Wedding:  An Open House! The point of The Atrium wedding open house was to invite everyone, from engaged couples to neighbors, to finally experience Shorewood’s hottest new venue.  What transpired felt more like a reunion than a sales opportunity.  When Sound by Design and Events to a T are hosting, there’s no question that all the top vendors will be there.  For us, that means a great opportunity to […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Steph & Andy!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer:  Steph & Andy! It was so much fun to stroll around the Third Ward with Steph and Andy on this beautiful afternoon!  As a Milwaukee engagement photographer, we have a lot of opportunities to discover different areas and the dynamic between different couples that make them a unique combo.  Steph and Andy led us to this discovered location.  While the Third Ward is Milwaukee’s worst kept secret, […]

Milwaukee Family Photographer: A Rustic Theme!

Milwaukee Family Photographer:  A Rustic Theme! As a Milwaukee family photographer, we get all kinds of requests for specific locations and styles.  However, most commonly, families are looking for our expert guidance as to the most successful approach and options.  There are times when we get requests to do a studio family shoot after school with little children, a time we refer to as “the witching hour”.  Anything is possible, but […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Goodwill Creates Opportunity!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer:  Goodwill Creates Opportunity! As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, there is a wide range of stories to tell that come our way.  Many of them are really inspiring and are a big part of why we love our job.  Goodwill has been the source of many of those stories over the years.  It’s funny, our working relationship with Goodwill is rooted in anything but the genuine.  Initially, we were […]

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Victoria & Scott!

Chicago Engagement Photographer:  Victoria & Scott! Being based in Milwaukee, it’s a special treat when we get to morph into a Chicago engagement photographer for an afternoon.  Victoria and Scott will be getting married in Milwaukee next year, but Chicago is their home and they couldn’t imagine having an engagement session anywhere else.  Victoria and Scott initially reached out to us through the Dynamic Events by David Caruso team about […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Ashly & Matt!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Ashly & Matt! Ashly and Matt weren’t just looking for a Milwaukee wedding photographer, they were looking for a Wisconsin winter magician! When they chose to have a winter wedding in Wisconsin, they assumed snow would be part of the deal and embraced the concept. When their day rolled around and it was a balmy 50 degrees, it took some finagling to achieve their long-adopted vision. And […]

Cake Lady: Valentine’s Treat!

Cake Lady: Valentine’s Treat! There are benefits to being involved with events for years.  The relationships we have developed with others in this industry are some of favorite aspects of  this job.  One of our favorite people we get to work with is The Cake Lady!  We are blessed to be right down the street from her.  That makes it very convenient to just drop in and say hello when we […]

Milwaukee Childrens Photographer: Wyatt!

Milwaukee Childrens Photographer:  Wyatt! Being a Milwaukee childrens photographer give us all kinds of opportunities to start our days with a bunch of smiles and some pretty silly noises.  And that’s just what goes on behind the camera!  With all the high-pressure situations we find ourselves in (CEO headshots, wild wedding schedules,…) it’s a nice change of pace to access our own inner child and actually play for awhile.  Kids in […]