Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey! Carrie and Casey overcame some challenges while planning their Pritzlaff wedding. Planning a wedding is never easy, but working around a professional baseball player’s schedule poses a unique set of obstacles. Taking off from work an hour early to meet the florist just isn’t an option in their situation. Sitting on the couch together browsing websites and dreaming about the big day only happens during […]

Grain Exchange Wedding Showcase!

Grain Exchange Wedding Showcase! Every winter one of our favorite events is the Grain Exchange Wedding Showcase featuring many of Milwaukee’s top event vendors.  It is a great chance for couples at any stage in their wedding planning process to meet a talented array of artisans that could greatly enhance their wedding experience.  Top florists, DJ’s, photographers, bakers, stationers, and venues are all gathered in one of Milwaukee’s most historic and […]

American Club Wedding: Jen & Brian!

American Club Wedding: Jen & Brian! Jen and Brian took a circuitous route to their American Club wedding. Not that day, necessarily, but in life. After nearly missing each other throughout their concurrent journey through the University of Miami-Ohio, they only went on one date before Brian moved to Chicago. It would be 12 years before they reconnected but once they did, they were pretty much inseparable. That “pretty much” qualification […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Pearls for Teen Girls

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Pearls for Teen Girls As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, we are exposed to all kinds of people. One aspect of our business we are very proud of is the non-profit work we do. It is a privilege to be able to use our skills to tell the stories of those doing great work. If our contribution can help shed a light on their cause and drum up more support […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Beautiful Displays at Broadway Paper!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer:  Beautiful Displays at Broadway Paper! Being a Milwaukee commercial photographer exposes us to a whole world of business to business stories we would otherwise miss out on.  Generally, those stories have to do with framing excellence on some level which is very inspiring as we try to achieve our own brand of business excellence.  We have had a long and wonderful relationship with Broadway Paper through the […]

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: Angie & Matt!

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer:  Angie & Matt! As a Milwaukee proposal photographer, we have learned there is nothing more exciting than the moments when you know what’s coming but she has no idea.  There are few opportunities in life to be witness to something at once so anticipated, momentous and surprising (at least for one person).  In the case of Angie and Matt, Angie was definitely surprised, but Matt (and both their […]

Central Park Wedding New York: Natalie & Ian!

Central Park Wedding New York: Natalie & Ian! It’s not often our calendar reads: “Central Park wedding New York.” But it sure is exciting when it does! When Natalie and Ian called us about their Wisconsin reception this fall, we naturally asked what the plan was for the wedding ceremony. What many couples don’t realize is that we travel all over the world for weddings. It may sound a bit outlandish […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Orange Events Launch!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  Orange Events Launch! Our good friends Monica and Melanie recently came together for a new venture:  Orange Events!  They wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but thought a casual party at Cloud Red, Shorewood’s newest hot spot, would be more effective.  It also turned into a veritable reunion bringing together many old friends in Milwaukee’s event community.  This was the first time we had experienced Cloud Red […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Aurora Gala!

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  Aurora Gala! As a Milwaukee event photographer, we always appreciate the opportunity to work with Dynamic Events with David Caruso.  The events are not only exquisitely designed they are also some of the smoothest flowing events we are exposed to.  Suffice it to say, David and his crew think of everything and put their entire team of vendors (as well as their client, of course) in a […]

Cuvee Wedding: Ann and Jay!

Cuvee Wedding: Ann and Jay! Ann and Jay knew that if they were going to achieve the classy, laid back Cuvee wedding of their dreams they would need to call in the experts. They started by bringing Dynamic Events by David Caruso on board knowing they could help them realize their vision. From there, the Dynamic Events crew called in all their compatriots, forming a dream team made up of […]

Atrium Milwaukee: An Exciting New Venue!

Atrium Milwaukee:  An Exciting New Venue! There is an exciting new venue in town!  It’s called the Atrium and it’s nestled in the heart of Shorewood.  This is the latest venture or our friend Paul Hackbarth, the genius behind the rampantly expanding Camp Bars, which now boasts locations in Shorewood, Wauwatosa and the Third Ward.   In addition to the Camp Bars, Paul has been in the event industry for […]

Pabst Best Place Wedding: Isabel and AJ!

Pabst Best Place Wedding: Isabel and AJ! We were thrilled when Isabel and AJ called us about their Pabst Best Place wedding.  Not only was the whole day happening in this awesome historical neighborhood and the wedding party was reasonably sized, but we also had the honor of shooting AJ’s sister’s wedding a few years back!  We always love working with families on multiple occasions and seeing all those familiar faces […]