Milwaukee Commercial Photography: Overcoming Challenges on Location

Aug 18, 2020 | Branding Photography, Environmental Portrait Photography, Headshot Photography, Marketing Campaign Photography

Our Milwaukee commercial photography has afforded us many opportunities to enter learn on the job. You never know exactly what challenges will pop up when on location. In this case, we were navigating a very busy Goodwill store while it was open for business. An environment that is not only busy but also filled with a lot of things posed a unique challenge.

Additionally, this was an instance of working with a subject who is not experienced in front of the camera. This was a Goodwill Success Story, which are some of our favorite shoots to be a part of. This was a story of great success, of the growth from employee to manager. Our challenge is taking a proud but shy subject who has a ton of internal strength and bringing that out for the camera.

A Couple Challenges: Environmental and Interpersonal

How do we overcome them?

Milwaukee Commercial Photography


The environmental challenges are a part of all Milwaukee commercial photography. We are making real life into a our studio for the moment. A studio open to the public, in this case. We wanted to make him stand out against the backdrop and not get lost in the clutter of all the shelves of products. In order to do this, we used a very shallow depth of field to isolated him against an array of fuzzy colorful products. This conveys the subtle context of the atmosphere he has helped create without that atmosphere overshadowing him in the image. We also create content inside and outside.

Milwaukee Commercial Photography


Relating to our subjects is probably the most important aspect of our jobs. Forging the connection is what unlocks their true character. This is true for people used to being in front of the camera as well as those who are not. We build a relationship with each subject to give them the confidence to become the star of the shoot.

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Milwaukee Commercial Photography
Milwaukee Commercial Photography