Headshot Photography: Headshots and a Group Shot

Aug 14, 2020 | Headshot Photography

Over the years, our headshot photography has evolved, both in style and in its importance to our business. We take a lot of pride in making the process of headshot photography quick, fun and natural. We offer a full range of looks in our studio, which is where we do many of our headshots. However, lately we’ve really been pushing on location headshots for certain situations and they’ve been a big hit. A company gathering is a fantastic opportunity to update everyone’s headshots, keeping the branding fresh and contemporary.

Manpower got in touch with us about this project to update all their headshots. Also, we recognized the opportunity for the group photo of the assembled team and worked out a plan to fit it in. For organizations that are more remote, that concept may only be possible during an activity that brings the team together. The setting can either make this idea realistic or not, but we are pretty good at finding a way when the client has the will. The logistics of pulling each aspect of this shoot off required a lot of emails and planning ahead of time. But, with that preparation under our belt, the execution was smooth as silk.

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Headshot Photography